Attain the Gifts You Want with Proper Copy

 Tuesday, December 21, 2021

5 Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid if You Want Maximum Return

Rather a letter to Santa or marketing copy for your business, there’s an agenda; and that agenda needs to be very clear, well written and on topic. 

If your goal is to have Santa deliver your highly sought after gifts, your letter needs to quickly prove you’ve been good all year and therefore deserving, and clearly lay out the gift details. Rambling on about reindeers or not directly laying out what you desire could quickly reduce your chances of the desired outcome. Don’t take it that we don’t think reindeer are cool, and Santa would probably love to chat about Donner or Blixen on another day, but if you want a new video game; first make sure Santa sees your letter, then jump right in on what that game is and why you deserve it. The same holds true for business copy; beit a physical letter or online promotion, properly presented copy can be the difference between success or failure.

If you're engrossed in promoting your brand aggressively online, social media and offline channels, look into these five copywriting mistakes that you shouldn't make to deliver crisp and engaging content- 

Taking SEO Lightly

Every piece of content you put across the web has only one motive - to pop up on the search results if a user asks for it. Copywriting does involve fancy words and catchy taglines integrated into the snippets. However, there's no use if your copy isn't visible to the user who needs it the most. 

For creating SEO-friendly content, pay close attention to the keywords to be used. Maintain the balance between a good copy and SEO-friendly content, and you're all set to soar. 

The Focus Must be on Marketing

It is a common mistake of the novice to confuse marketing copy with the product description. Strategically speaking, marketing copy comes first. Later comes the product description. A well-written topic contains the problem's solution rather than anything about the brand or product. Then an ocular writer will know how this brand will help in the solution and make human life better.

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Proofread Before Putting it Online 

Wrong spelling creates a bad impression on the reader. If you are not confident enough about the spelling, use apps like Grammarly or ProWritingAid to correct the common mistakes and make the content clear enough to the reader. Does your product or service have too much to offer? Cut short the paragraphs into easy-to-understand bullet points to display the important benefits. The more readable content is, the more likely it is to get exposure.

 Don't Over-promote 

Keep the tone of the writing simple. Over-convincing the reader to use or buy only your product is a big no. An over-promotional tone will destroy the impression of the brand. The same thing goes with the use of excessive advertisements for brand value.

Improper Choice of Words and Inconsistent Brand Voice

Avoid using negative words to describe any situation, especially the positive one. Use simple words that people can relate to and connect their pain points within your marketing copy. Keep your brand tone consistent to ensure the communication is uniform across online and offline channels. 

We’ve talked about what to avoid but there’s also a benefit of leaving cookies for Santa, but we’ll explore reciprocity marketing strategies on a later blog topic. 

 Now that you've explored the top five copywriting mistakes, would you like to have a copywriting audit done for your business by a team of experts? Let's chat! Want to outsource your brand's copy to a team of seasoned copywriters? Walibu is here to help you. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll be happy to help.

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