Geotargeting Mobile Users by Location, Audience & Context

Have you ever wished for a way to understand and target your customers on the ground? We utilize the most prominent location-based targeting platform with sophisticated mobile geotargeting. We will ensure measurable performance through our innovative strategies tailored just for YOU!

On-Premise Targeting

Our team takes geo-targeting to new levels with on-premises mobile location targeting. Blueprinted locations mean we can tell precisely whether a person is in one of your stores or within walking distance from one - all this will allow for very accurate advertising and an immediate impact on potential customers!

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Proximity Targeting

Proximity Targeting allows you to reach consumers in real time when they are around Blueprinted locations. Proximity targeting lets advertisers define a geofence around the specific location and message or influence nearby customer behavior, which helps them engage more with their target audience for better conversions!

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Neighborhoods Targeting

A geographically-based targeting solution allows marketers to target unique neighborhoods based on visitation patterns and audience segments, providing a scalable mobile location marketing platform for your business!

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