Custom IN-THE-DOOR Marketing Software, That Boosts Your 5-Star Reviews – A Walibu Exclusive!          

Active Campaigns Build Your Client & Lead Database While Actively Tracking Clients Brought in the Door, then Drops Them into a Rating and Review Campaign!

Custom In-The-Door Marketing Software

We’ve custom-built a custom software application that drives NEW BUSINESS in the Door! In most cases, we’ve had in the range of 50% conversion rates! Those numbers are through the roof in marketing, but most marketing conversions are measured in online activity – register, download something, complete a form, etc. We’re measuring in-the-door activity, which means they either walked, drove, bussed, biked, ride-share, called a friend, etc. to make this conversion happen! This in itself is absolutely insane, aside from all of the other platform features!

 We put an ad campaign together with a high-value offer to new clients. When they click the ad, they go to a landing page explaining more of the offer details, has a video to watch how it works and a form to fill out to instantly redeem their promo offer that they have 30 days to redeem. At submission, they receive the promo coupon, which has a custom QR and alphanumeric code, with their info and business’ info, that they take either a screenshot or printout to the business. At the same time, they receive the promo, they’re added to a campaign that sends emails and texts reminding them not to miss the opportunity. And since the system knows how many days they have left to redeem the campaign squeeze messages (ex. [name] You Have 5 Days Left to Redeem), creating the ultimate sense of urgency and extremely high conversion rate!

Redeeming the promo couldn’t be easier, all it takes is a scan of the QR code or entering the code, name, email, or other into search and clicking ‘Redeemed”. Once they’ve redeemed their coupon, we know they’ve been to the location, drop them from the redeem campaign, and drop them into a rating and review campaign. This campaign sends a series of emails and texts asking for their feedback. If the user clicks 1,2, or 3 stars, it then asks for feedback, thanks them, and sends it to the owner on submission. If the user clicks 4 or 5 stars, it follows the same course but on submit, pulls up links DIRECTLY to their review sites, let them know we’ve copied their message and that it would be a HUGE help if you would paste your review into our public sites. This routes the unsatisfied user to the business owner to remedy before they get a negative public review while hand-holding those that are happy to the public pages.

On top of bringing in new clients, the added exposure, promoting your positive ratings and reviews, it also builds your marketing database. Leads are tagged at the time they requested the promo and then automatically switched to clients when they redeem and marked as so. This allows owners to market uniquely within the included email and SMS marketing platform!

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