Why Online Reputation Management is the Key to Marketing Success

 Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Why Online Reputation Management is the Key to Marketing Success

"Your brand isn't what you say it is- it's what Google says it is."

These are the words of an American Journalist, Chris Anderson. 

Undoubtedly, your online reputation governs the buying decision of a potential customer looking for answers. The tech-savvy audiences believe in what the search engine shows them. Online platforms like social networking sites have made it easier for customers to find relevant services for them. Negative reviews about your company affect your brand reputation, resulting in a lack of trust among your people. 

Today, word of mouth is more accountable than advertisements. Vendasta states that 80% of consumers trust reviews as a personal recommendation. Customer feedback, therefore, plays a significant role in building your brand reputation. Here are five reasons in support of the statement. 

It will help you to boost your sales

An excellent brand reputation directly influences your company's sales. 

When people start to know your business, they are more likely to buy from you. People prefer online means like reviews, feedback from previous customers, and recommendations to make a buying decision. You have to make your grip on such sources to attract them to your side. Allow people to gain relevant information about you. It will increase their interest in your services and hence will boost up your revenue. 

It makes you win through customer advocates

Customer advocates are the existing and loyal customers that drive in a new customer base for you. Many companies ignore customer advocacy, but it is an integral part of the online reputation management (ORM) strategy. Customer advocacy involves building a strong brand reputation by leveraging existing customers as the brand ambassadors. They share their experiences with the world and bring new potential clientele for you. Encourage them by listening to their needs and fulfilling their demands.

It brings in trust, reliability, and transparency

Winning your customers' trust gives your brand reputation the new heights. Your clients act as mediators between you and your future customers. When you spread positivity about your business and show up to negative comments, your clients will start developing trust in you. Ignoring negative feedback would prove you unreliable. Keep your ORM strategy in place to avoid recovering from such situations. 

It improves brand reputation by gaining customer insights

If you shape your ORM strategy in the right way, it brings you constructive customer feedback. You can use it to refine your efforts in improving the brand's reputation. Working on customer experience, instead of means of reputation, you can manage your brand reputation with the help of your customers. Stand over their expectations and let them share their experiences, whether positive or negative. It develops a more reliable ORM strategy if you respond to them honestly. 

It reveals your positive side

Whether a customer or an investor, no one will associate with you without having adequate information about you. If you have a solid brand reputation, they won’t hesitate to join your network. Make sure the internet stands in your favor when they search for your business. It is possible only if you have a robust ORM process on your side because a good reputation always speaks the best about you. 

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