Step-up Your Social Media Marketing Game - PART 2

 Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Step-up Your Social Media Marketing Game - PART 2

So here we are again - sharing smart tips and strategies to improve your social media marketing game. 

By this time, you might be well-acquainted with social media marketing basics and how it can help your business. If not, go check out the first part of our blog series here

Now, let's run back to today's topic - what is paid social media advertising and how it can help you succeed in this hyper-competitive age. 

Know why and for what you should consider putting your money behind your social media campaigns - let's dive in. 

Why Social Media Advertising? 

With the startling fact that 52% of online brand discovery happens in social feeds, around 72% of B2B marketers have turned to paid social media advertising. Moreover, social ads trends suggest that spending is set to increase by 20% to USD 43 billion in 2020

As the trends are popping up each day, you can say that the social media landscape has changed. Social media advertising is evolving day by day, and marketers must devise an effective strategy to reach the targeted audience. Whether you are pitching on the newest social media campaign or deciding on the ultimate marketing channel, paid advertisement is a must to support your efforts. Although organic growth is all every business strives for, you can't rely on organic promotion alone.

Being a necessity, all of us need to know the dynamics of social media advertising. Let's see what comes under it and how it impacts your business.

What is Paid Social Media Advertising?

Paid social media advertising is a marketing practice that serves advertisements to users on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Also, it requires upfront cash expenses for the marketing efforts made to reach the audience. 

Marketers or advertisers generally consider user-generated information to serve relevant advertisements. By user-generated information, we mean discussions, reviews, brand mentions, and recommendations on social media.

So, simply social media advertising is a category in digital advertising that promotes your brand by placing ads on social networking sites. Paid social media advertising emphasizes the strategy to reach the targeted audience that can't be reached with organic efforts.

What purpose does it serve for your business?

  • Brand promotion and brand awareness

  • Increase social media presence

  • Grow the fanbase

  • Better targeting of customers

  • Directing users to the main website

  • Generate new clients and leads

  • Generate revenue

Social media metrics to consider while tracking social media advertising goals:

  • Click-through rate

  • Percentage of traffic

  • Traffic activity

  • The cost paid to acquire leads

  • Cost per click

  • Conversion ratio or percentage

It is difficult to reach a large segment through organic efforts; this is the reason paid social media advertising is in right now. It helps you amplify reach, enhance targeting, and drive better results. This way, you can benchmark performance and understand what works best.

Considering the Right Social Media Advertising/ Digital Media Agency

With different social media platforms emerging day by day, it is difficult to determine the right channel and track your spending. If you choose to work with the right agency, you will not be wasting any of your money and resources.

Here Walibu can assist you with its full marketing services and 24/7 support. We know you don't have enough time, expertise, and tools in digital marketing; so, we consider your business our own. We specialize in all forms of online marketing; if you need our help, do let us know by contacting us here.

That's all for now! We will be coming back with another post on the same series; so, stay tuned!

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