Digital Marketing - What’s New in 2022?

 Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Digital marketing is always evolving and changing but never more so than in the past few years. Since the onset of COVID and social distancing there have been significant changes in the way companies interact with their customers. The digital marketing industry is rapidly evolving and redefining to adapt to these new trends & changes and it's important for business owners to adapt too. 

Even when new obstacles are posed by the traditional method, recent trends in the marketing industry continue to emerge. Everyone is gearing up to adopt these new methods and capitalize on the growing number of digital channels and new marketing technology. So, as the year 2021 draws to a close, it's time to start thinking about your yearly marketing strategies for the coming year 2022.

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Meta Is Around

Facebook has officially changed its name to Meta. While it's understandable to build a reputation for the parent firm, it's the choice that counts. Facebook has a big presence in the Metaverse, a word for virtual and enhanced experiences. This is frequently a massive bet in the long run of the internet. Marketers should start looking for changes in these areas for their companies.

DIY short Videos 

TikTok has altered the social media environment away from long-form updates and managed exposure grids and towards brief video broadcasts. Alternative sites jumped on the bandwagon quickly, with Instagram debuting its Reels feature and YouTube embracing 'Shorts.' 

Short films stress the speed with which we consume material, emphasizing the need for clear and concise messaging or participatory content that invites different countries to participate—whether it's learning a new dance, taking part in a challenge, or participating in surveys and polls. These brief, engaging video materials are frank, clandestine, DIY, true stories, and have a more unpolished look, which is just what younger customers want.

Digital Storytelling

When it comes to total selling, storytelling is frequently crucial. 

Your marketing should shift its focus to storytelling—rather than simply telling customers about the benefits of their product or why it's better than their competitors; businesses should demonstrate how the product or service can help solve a specific problem through stories and customer testimonials. They want to know if you've ever followed through on your promises in a way that met or exceeded their goals and expectations.

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LinkedIn has been a rising star in the digital world. They report significant increases in monthly active users and platform engagements every quarter. They're also constantly introducing new features that help businesses and sites achieve better outcomes. Marketers should invest heavily in LinkedIn.

Privacy is Important in Advertising

The automatic optimization of modern digital marketing is mainly reliant on knowledge. New privacy measures, such as the iOS upgrade and the pending cookie removal, are lowering the amount of data used in AI. Marketers should examine its impact on their advertising and take early measures.

Growth in Digital Jobs

According to LinkedIn, digital talents are the most in-demand. However, there is a significant skill gap between the number of organizations learning digital skills and the capabilities available in the market. Marketers must up-skill to stay relevant, and executives must have digital up-skilling plans in place for their organizations.

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