The #1 Thing Your Website Should be Doing

 Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Most websites you see for businesses are essentially an online business card, they’re not made to work as your 24 hour a day, 7 days a week sales machine. To do this, you need a website built to capture attention and drive conversion, or to put it simple, your site needs to generate leads.

The #1 thing your website should do is deliver leads.

As a business owner, your fundamental goal is to earn revenue. Each owner employs a combination of extensive knowledge and skills to build a business strategy that drives them closer to their goals every day. Be it any combination, it should allow you to increase your brand awareness and convert a visitor into a customer. 

This process of lead generation is a top marketing priority for 85% of marketers since it is like blood in the veins of an organization. However, 61% of marketers find lead generation to be their biggest challenge. The inability to understand the intricacy of lead generation strategy results in the conversion of the biggest marketing opportunity into a challenge. 

After our Facebook marketing series, we are diving deep into the subject of lead generation websites. Let us begin by understanding the core concepts of lead generation and its implications in our first part of the series. 

What is Lead Generation?

Before we explore the basics of lead generation, let’s understand what a lead is. 

A lead is someone who has shown interest in the product or service of your brand in any way, form, or shape. It expresses their interest by sharing their personal information which generally consists of their name, contact information ( mobile number and email address ), and in some cases, company name/location/job title.

The lead generation process involves attracting and engaging your target audience to the point that they are willing to provide you their information. Consequently, you can fill up your sales funnel with potential customers and can transform them into your sales over time. 

A website should be optimized as it is the e-home for your business. However, a lead generation website critically drives the growth of your business. It is different from a regular website as it not only acts as a hub of industry-specific information for the users but also captures qualified leads to help the sales and marketing team of the organization. 

Why is Lead Generation Important?

It Increases Your Profit

Over 50% of marketers spend half or more of their budget on lead generation. It is because, directly or indirectly, it converts lead into customers and hence, increases your sales. Consequently, the profit of your business increases.

It Targets the Desired Audience

A lead generation website lets you be more specific in terms of whom to target. Moreover, you can target prospects at different stages of the sales funnel in different ways. As a result, the process becomes personalized. 

It Increases Brand Awareness

The main aim of a lead generation website is to earn genuine leads. However, not all of them convert into sales. The rest of them find your resources useful and hence, connect with you on different channels. Irrespective of its aim, it increases the awareness of your brand amongst the target audience in one way or another. 

A lead generation website is not just your e-brochure. It is an experience that educates and nurtures your audience. 

If you need help to enhance the lead generation capabilities of your organization, reach out to Walibu - an online marketing expert. Revamp your website with the help of our experts!

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