Prehistoric Lessons in Content & Engaging Users

 Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Prehistoric Lessons in Content & Engaging Users

Just like prehistoric content made viewers act and think, modern content marketing fuels up the lead generation process to transverse your customers into consumers. Amongst various elements, one of the most vital catalysts for customers to indulge with your website and product or services is the content.

Your content is what defines your brand. The way you write about yourself, your brand, your product or services, is the way your audience will perceive you. When your website has high-value content, the audience begins trusting your authority in the industry. Moreover, your content needs to shake your user and take action. It can be the desired action filling the sales funnel or a shift in perspective towards your niche. Nonetheless, it should lead the audience to become a part of the lead generation process at any stage.

A lead-generating website needs to have effective copywriting and content writing to engage users. Let us get to the essentials of copywriting to boost the process of lead generation -

Essentials of Copywriting for a Lead Generating Website

Prioritize Enriching Value

Modern humans have an attention span shorter than a goldfish. If your sales copy looks like you’re trying to sell, the audience can shift to your competitor’s website. Therefore, focus on understanding your target audience. Know what their pain points and motivations are. Leverage these elements into your copy to challenge their thinking. Even if they do not buy, they will remember you as your copy inspired a shift in their minds. Either way, you made an impression. 

Create a Sense of Urgency and Scarcity

Copywriting involves psychology more than marketers may think. Making a purchase is a decision-making process for your customers. Even though we have evolved massively since the stone age, our basic instincts still focus on survival. You can make the customer hold onto the survival mode by creating a sense of urgency and scarcity for your commodities. Demonstrate your diminishing capacity to book more customers. 

Aim Every Copy at the Customer

One of the major mistakes businesses make is not focusing their website content on the consumers. You have created the website for them. Therefore, use customer-focused language instead of business-focused content. Replace your ‘Us’ with ‘You’. It makes the audience feel the center of your website. Tell them how the success of your strategy changes things for them in monetary and emotional terms. 

Shorten Every Sentence!

Your aim should be to deliver the value in the shortest amount of words. Marketers often make the mistake of using filler content to make it SEO-rich. However, unless you do not focus on delivering pure value instead of filling your page with words, your rankings won’t go up. Write eye-catching, short sentences and compliment them with white space. The proportional balance of text and design can do wonders for your website. 

Make Things Simple!

One of the many reasons why a website needs to have content is to raise awareness and educate the audience about the concerned product, service, or industry. You cannot do so by using industry jargon. Use simple language that is easy to understand for your target audience. Content that has a third-grade reading level gets 36% more responses. If they need to google words while scanning your website, consider the user has left to your competitor. 

In recent years, content marketing has contributed about 85% to the success of marketers. Investing time, effort, and skill into creating content for your lead-generating website delivers results in the form of traffic and conversions. However, if you are short of any of it, outsourcing content writing is the best alternative. 

We, at Walibu, provide 100% support to our clients at every stage of lead generation. If you need help with planning your content strategy, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team would love to assist you personally with every problem.

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