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 Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Voice Search & Search Engine Optimization

I can talk to my phone, I can talk to my TV remote, I can talk to my computers, I can talk to my stereo speakers, I can talk to my virtual assistant, we can talk to almost all our gadgets nowadays and it is only going to increase!2019 has already been and will continue to be a BIG YEAR for voice search and virtual assistants, Alexa has now made its way to hotel rooms & Google Home is racing ahead in sales.

Voice search is being widely adopted by people across all the platforms. Over time voice search has emerged to search not only nearby restaurants or cooking recipes but almost anything and everything on the internet.

Voice search is very effectively influencing the way we interact with brands. You can boost your chances of appearing in voice search results by becoming an early adopter and integrating voice queries in your SEO strategy. It is important to stay in the know of such growing digital technologies to be competitive in the digital race.

Here are some statistics on Voice Search:

55% of all households in the United States will own a smart speaker by 2022. *

There will be an estimated 21.4 million smart speakers in the US by 2020. **

One-in-six Americans (16%) own a voice-activated smart-speaker. ***

Voice is expected to be a $40 billion channel by 2022. ****

51% of consumers use voice search to research restaurants. *****

65% of 25-49 year olds speak to their voice-enabled devices at least once per day. ******

By the growing states on how voice search is adopted by increasing number of users, its influence on SEO is growing as well. Because of the ease of operation, the adoption of this technology will keep increasing day by day and there will be more devices getting voice command features in them. It is a prediction that by 2020, more than 50% of any search that is done over the internet will be through voice. Recently Google reported that more than 20% of its mobile queries are already coming through voice searches. It is a good time to step in and start optimizing your business online presence for voice search.

Voice queries are different than regular search queries. Voice search keywords would be longer than the mainstream SEO keywords. And the language used would be more conversational language. For example instead of "Italian cuisine Sacramento" people would be searching "Where can I find the best Italian food in Sacramento". Voice search is changing the way businesses used to target keywords.

Voice search is growing exponentially, and to compete in this digital landscape you have to be prepared by future-proofing your digital presence with a voice optimized fully mobile-responsive website.

Walibu can help you set up and maintain a strong SEO foundation with optimized voice search that can keep your business readable and reachable online.

To get started, Click Here to complete a quick SEO questionnaire for your business website or you can also email us at team@walibu.com and we will get back to you right away!

Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in improving the online presence of your business. Our passionate and enthusiastic team will be very happy to help you grow your business. If you have any questions about this let us know!









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