Everything About Domain Authority - SEO in 2021 Pt 6!

 Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most vital factors in the digital marketing world. It changes constantly making it hard to keep track of various optimizing elements. 

One of the recent changes in SEO is about domain authority. It is one of the most commonly tracked SEO metrics. It’s rather necessary since it tracks the overall quality and authority of the website. 

Let’s understand everything about domain authority, right from the basics - 

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority ( DA ) is a search engine ranking metric created by Moz. It predicts the rankings of a website on Search Engine Ranking Pages ( SERPs). DA is calculated as a number between 1 to 100.

A DA score is calculated by evaluating the key factors. After the evaluation, all the factors are added up for one overall DA score. The higher is your score, the better probability of your website appearing higher on SERPs. Additionally, a higher score appeals to the Google algorithm. 

There’s now an updated version of DA - Domain Authority 2.0. Let’s see how it works.

How is Domain Authority 2.0 Different?

As the search engine algorithms are changing, the DA algorithm is also changing. The domain authority 2.0 makes it easier to gauge the websites. 

The DA 2.0 majorly has updated factors to measure the strength of a website. Following are the changes - 

  • Training Set

The data set is now updated and trained to make reliable scoring. It can even understand websites that don’t rank for any keywords.

  • Training Algorithm

The training algorithm is now based on a neural network. It means more honest and accurate DA scores. Moreover, it’ll detect link manipulation.

  • Model Factors

The factors to evaluate while calculating DA scores are improved providing accurate data of your website’s health and authority.

  • Link Index

It has more link data increasing the accuracy and reliability. 

What is E-A-T?

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust. It is one of the major factors to evaluate domain authority.

Luckily, the Google algorithm also evaluates your website based on E-A-T. Its recent set of Google Quality Rater Guidelines was E-A-T focused. It’s not like E-A-T has been launched recently. But it’s now considered an essential ranking factor.

Google focuses on recommending the website to users that display a high level of expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. 

How to Make Your Website E-A-T Optimized?

Focus on Expertise

Google’s prime objective is to provide value-based information to its users. Therefore, make your content strategy stronger.

Align your objective with the search engine and focus on providing quality content. Google wants to prioritize industry experts. If you’re faking being an expert through your content, it might not work for a long time. 

For example, if you have a business in the medical industry, get health experts to write you content.

Be Transparent

You need to be transparent about every aspect of your website. Provide as much detail as you can about your business on online platforms. The absence of information might project you as a fraud. It can showcase you as an unreliable service provider.

Google focuses on off-site signals to comprehend the E-A-T. It, therefore, expects websites to have information about - 

  • The business owner

  • The business

  • The contact information

  • Privacy policy and terms of conditions

  • Author bylines

Get Citations

Google values expertise on a subject matter. But it needs verification to know you aren’t faking the expertise. 

Therefore, its guidelines focus highly on citations. If you can get claims from other sources stating you as an expert, Google will prioritize it.

Therefore, get reputable external sources to cite your website to increase domain authority. 

Search engine’s focus is always on providing maximum value to their visitors. Align your website’s optimization with E-A-T and make your website SEO-rich.

To get expert help, reach out to Walibu. We are one of the leading digital marketing professionals helping businesses grow. Contact us today and make your business search-engine friendly. 

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