Ads That Convert - Local PPC

 Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Paid digital advertising has dramatically evolved the marketing landscape. Pay-Per-Clicks, or PPC, are encouraging many brands to market their products and services to a potential clientele. Google Adwords, being the most effective means, pioneers countless small and local businesses to drive an avalanche of customers to their storefronts. 

With an outstanding reach of 90% of internet users, Google ads display your products and services across a massive network of websites, mobile apps, and video content. 

The real challenge is to leverage the perks of paid advertising to drive in 4X the sales for your local business, and here's how you can do it. 

Ways to Capitalize on Google Adwords for More Sales

Start with Local Service (Near Me) Ads

Local Service Ads are hyper-relevant to the local searches and display information about the specific services. This ad format exclusively serves local businesses to cater to the "near me" searches. You must leverage these ads even if you don't primarily offer a service. 

Also, your ads will be more prominent on Google Maps along with It means more opportunities for local businesses to be visible to their potential leads and let them walk through the sales funnel. 

Employ Local Extensions in Your Strategy

Text ads contain links beneath the description area, and we call them Ad Extensions. While the ads display relevant information about your business, the ad extensions prompt the viewers to contact you directly via links (if using a smartphone in hand). 

Three types of ad extensions rule over the advertising era: 

  1. Call extensions

  2. Affiliate location extensions

  3. Automated location extensions

And they provide three primary benefits: 

  1. Boost CTR (click-through rates)

  2. Additional information under the character limits

  3. A direct click-to-call option

Change Defaults and Target Local Keywords (Exact Locations)

To allow locals to hit your ads and call you for an appointment, you have to localize your keywords (SEO services in El Dorado Hills) instead of using generic ones (SEO services). 

Even the Google Ads default settings need to be changed. Do you know what "People in, or who show interest in, your target locations." means?

It displays your brand to all the interested people across the desired location. That means someone, or potentially thousands in Florida, or somewhere out of your business’ reach are looking at your California business. 

Do these clicks even deserve paying for? Of course, NOT. 

Take care of two things:

  1. Change the default setting to "People in or regularly in your targeted locations.", and 

  2. Target local keywords to drive potential local customers.

Display Your Stock in Product Listing Ads

Product Listings Ads are your best shot if you own a retail store or even a service business (if you use them strategically). Most of your potential customers look at your ads with a buying intent. So, if your company owns some specific stock or service to showcase, leverage Product Listing Ads to drive ready-to-buy customers to your storefronts. 

Go the extra mile with Local Inventory Ads (LIA's) to get the most out of Google Ads for your local business. It will help you cast your net wide to all the active shoppers in your area. 

Utilize our years of experience in PPC management for local businesses at Walibu. We create campaigns that target the most qualifying leads that walk through your sales funnel. 

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