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 Tuesday, August 24, 2021

If Your Business Isn’t Utilizing the Power of Google Ads, You May Be Missing Out on a lot of Opportunities.

Google is synonymous with "search" on the internet, making it the most extensive virtual advertising network in the world. Google Ads is the answer to a remarkable return for your advertising budget. It brings the advertisers and users under one platform and has a transformative power to enhance visibility and communication. 

Google ads promote themselves to a massive audience and are incomparable to any other rival. Anyone from a small start-up to a large business can open their own PPC campaign account and start marketing to an ever-growing clientele. This kind of virtual real estate and the audience has made the Advertising business very lucrative for Google. It is one of the key revenue sources for Google. 

We all know that building a good product is about 30% of the work while marketing the same is 70%. Hence leveraging Google's Ad display network is one of the key ways to reach your potential customer base. This is the key to brand building. Google's display network includes Google Search ads, YouTube ads, Google Play Store Ads, In-App Ads. 

Types of Google Ads

Search Ads are the textual ads and links shown on Google search. These ads are displayed on user searches for relevant keywords; nudging them to click the ads so that the person can be redirected to your brand site.

Youtube Ads are ads shown during the video play - typically an image or video-based Ad. A ticker-tape ad is shown at times too.

Google Play Ads are shown when the user is browsing related Apps or Games to install. This nudges the user to explore your content and offers on the Play Store (if you have an app on the Play Store.)

App Ads are the ads shown during Games or other Apps usage on mobile. This is primarily in the Mobile Games/Apps that use Ad based mode to monetize their apps. The customer will provide the app free of charge, and Ads are the way to monetize the app's service. These Apps leverage Google's platform too for ad selection.


Ads are not all about you; make sure your ad copy speaks to your customer. Ensure they are descriptive with a mix of facts/adjectives/powerful verbs. Have compelling headlines to persuade and engage users.

The textual ad has enticing keywords to nudge the users to click on the ads. Have a CTA or call to action component. It is essential for your ad copy.

For video ads, create a small skippable video of great content for 8-10 seconds duration. It is an average attention span for the users.

You will be competing with tons of other businesses with the exact keywords. Keywords act as a funnel and persuade users to perform a specific action. 

It works on the PPC (Pay Per Click) model. You have to bid on keywords, set a budget, create campaigns, and use extensions. If your quality score is low on google rank, it means lesser viewers, lesser clicks, and poor conversion rate.


Post pandemic virtual media advertising costs can be higher than print media advertising. Plan your budget. Without proper planning and allocating a budget in place, you can lose your money within weeks.

While Google Ads are flexible and have facilitated to run, pause or stop for a time gap. You can set a daily budget for your ad and determine which days you want to invest more. It is essential to try and test what keywords give you the best results. 

You have three options for bidding-  CPR- Cost Per Click is what you pay when the user clicks on your ad, CPM- Cost Per Mille is for every 1000 impressions, and CPE- Cost Per Engagement is what you pay when the user is nudged to perform the intended action.


Craft your keywords to entice your target audience. Ads for the wrong audience mean no clicks, waste of time, and money. It has to be displayed in the appropriate geographical location too. Suppose your business caters only in the US, and ads that appear elsewhere will not benefit.

Point to make

Decide what you want to communicate as a brand or a feature that lets users view your ad. This requires innovation and clear thinking to ensure the audience viewing your ad performs the necessary action. Google Ads acts as means to communicate your point to the potential customer base.

We hope this was a useful read. Stay tuned with Walibu for more such content and guides. Also, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your web design and marketing needs. 

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