Walibu's 5-Step Marketing Automation


Walibu's Automation Strategy has been tried-and-tested.

Marketing is an extensive field; it is about shifting mindsets, sharing innovative ideas, creating new things, communicating, and enthusiasm, to name a few. The real purpose of Marketing is not just promoting products but providing value to your customers and the community at large.

Walibu has always believed in prolific marketing. It must target the right audience, arrest their attention, and offer essential data to customers. It must influence and reinforce customers' ability to make the right decisions. Walibu's Marketing is about understanding your customer's requirements and offering them precisely what they want - not less, not more.

Walibu's Strategy

An ideal marketing strategy is capable, extensible, and relatable.

Capable: To be considered capable, a strategy must be able to readjust to change as per the latest trends and produce the same or even better results.

Extensible: Many types of audiences are out there looking for various products. An extensible strategy must be able to cater to many viewers. It must also be compatible with other products or niches and work just as great with little or no tweaks.

Relatable: The strategy must relate people to situations, circumstances, and fundamental life ideas. It must invigorate zest in the customer's mind and urge them to take action. A relatable strategy must also influence people genuinely interested in your products or services and intrigue them to check out your website for more information.

Different stages of Walibu's Automation Strategy.



Discovery is the first and foremost part of our marketing strategy. In this phase, we emphasize the following:

  • We understand clients' expectations and goals and learn about their short- and long-term plans.
  • We take a goal-oriented approach. While working, we always have the results in mind, which enables us to shape our efforts accordingly to achieve that desired result.
  • Understanding your product's USP (Unique Selling Point), analyzing and targeting the right audience for your business.
  • Prepare for implementation and give you tentative deadlines.


Building a solid foundation enabling you to get leads is an essential part of any marketing strategy. In this phase, we beam on the following:

  • Knowing what works and what doesn't with your audience
  • Using marketing strategies to boost sales.
  • Research keywords to further optimize your marketing campaigns.


There are several parts included in this phase:

  • Trying to render the entire strategy automatic. (executed by a computer according to a preset schedule.)
  • Identifying key and trigger points.


The implementation and execution start from this phase:

  • We create fresh, genuine content marketing to engage the right audience
  • Build a community around your business or product.
  • Assemble a customer database (email IDs or phone numbers) via content gating.
  • Promotion of the content is done after publishing so that the content can reach hordes of people.


Last but not least.

  • We delve into the strategy's insights and assess its performance.
  • We endeavor to optimize the strategy for better results, greater audience reach, and higher sales.

Walibu's Automation Strategy has been used for a long time, and all process phases have proven to work flawlessly.

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