Walibu Content Marketing

 Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Walibu Content Marketing

You may or may not be familiar with the term 'content marketing' but as an active internet user, you've surely been exposed to it. Content marketing is any content you take in; news, entertainment, blogs, etc. This content, pending its useful, is a great way to build you client base, referrals and leads.

As a professional in your industry and a Walibu client, you have all the tools needed to start your content marketing.  Every Walibu site includes a blog platform, we can keep this as a blog or adjust the name to 'tips', 'tutorials', 'news' or whatever your preference. Your blog can be easily accessed through your site admin, as well as add pictures, links and more.

With this platform, and your expertise in your industry, start a topic and give your site visitors FREE information about you and what you do.  In this case, we are marketers, here to help grow and expose your small business, therefore we are giving tips on marketing.  We chose the topic content marketing as it's probably one of the easiest methods of marketing business owners can do on their own.

People often ask; "If I explain the details on how to do something, why would they pay me to do it for them?"

The answer is simple, and known in the marketing world very well- there are three types of prospects:

  1. The first is a small batch, the freebie seeker - they will never pay for your (or anyone else's) professional service, they will attempt on their own and will not pay regardless the outcome. This prospect was never a real prospect from the start, so nothing lost
  2. The second, the largest batch, DIY attempter - they will attempt to get results but once they don't, will hire a professional to do and value your expertise
  3. The third and smallest batch are those that value their time, focus on what they are good at and hire a professional for the rest, realizing it saves time, saves money and has better results, pending they hire the right professional which is why they value your free professional advice, giving you the credibility, therefore generating real prospects and clients.

Not all content is good content. Be sure to put thought and time into your topics as well as valuable insight your readers will recognize and appreciate. Walibu is always here to help or to even brainstorm on topics for your industry, as well as assist with adding blogs or showing the steps to add your own.