How do you appeal to Hispanic consumers?

The Hispanic community is growing rapidly and represents 25.67% of the total United States population, or approx. 60 million U.S.-based Hispanic Americans, according to a recent article from Forbes magazine. This critical data indicates that the Latino community is the largest ethnic group in the United States today. 

Small business owners that do not reach Hispanic consumers miss out on a significant opportunity for their businesses.

Why do you need Hispanic digital marketing?

  1.  It is predicted that Hispanics will account for more than half (54%) of all U.S. population growth by 2060, or 108 million people, as reported in this article from The Hill website.
  2.  Latino buying power grew 58 percent between 2000 and 2014—from $212 billion to $660 billion—while annual U.S. consumer spending only increased 37 percent over the same time period, according to the 2015 report, "The Hispanic Power Shift" from Nielsen.
  3.  According to this study by Pew Research Center, Hispanics are more likely to use mobile devices than any other ethnic group in the U.S.. 76% of Hispanics own a smartphone, and 59% have used their phone to look for local information in the past month.

Digital marketing is vital for small business owners to reach the Hispanic market. There are many different ways to appeal to the Latino community through digital campaigns:

  • Social media campaigns: Facebook ad, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Video marketing: YouTube videos or webinars
  • Email marketing: Newsletters or announcements
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): target Hispanic keywords
  • Paid advertising: Google AdWords, Facebook Ad, etc.

The most important factors are understanding the cultural nuances of Hispanic culture and creating marketing content that resonates with them. For example, Hispanics are known for their strong family values, so that you could create marketing content around family themes.

How do you get to an audience in Spanish?

It is more about paying attention to the Hispanic culture and less about language. Hispanic acculturation in the United States is higher than ever with the emergence of Gen Z and millennials. They positively affect small businesses as targeting the Hispanic market does not always have to be in Spanish. However, if you want to market in Spanish, pay attention to the different Spanish slang or phrases. The use of the language is crucial, especially at the regional level. 

Here are some best practices you may want to use for modern tactics: 

  • Search engine marketing: Hispanic SEO and Google AdWords Hispanic campaigns.
  • Social media Hispanic digital marketing on Facebook Hispanic ads, Twitter Hispanics, Pinterest Hispanos or Instagram Español.
  • Video marketing in Spanish. YouTube videos in Spanish for Hispanic audiences are a great way to increase your reach among the Latino community online. We can help you create YouTube videos optimized for the Hispanic market. Hence, they appear high in search results when someone searches keywords related to your business on YouTube or Google Search (or any other search engine).
  • Paid advertising: Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising such as Google AdWords is another effective way to reach Hispanics online with digital marketing campaigns. We can help you create AdWords campaigns that target Hispanic consumers specifically, so your ads appear when they are searching for information related to your products or services.
  • Email marketing: Hispanic email marketing is a great way to reach Hispanics who are already interested in what you offer. We can help you create newsletters and other email announcements that will appeal to Hispanic audiences, and we can even translate them into Spanish!

What media do Hispanics use?

For small businesses to understand how to reach the Hispanic consumer through Hispanic digital marketing, it is essential to understand which media they use. Hispanics are heavy social media users; two-thirds of them are on Facebook. They also use other popular platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Additionally, Hispanics are avid mobile phone users; nearly 90% own a smartphone. So, your digital marketing strategy must incorporate mobile advertising and engagement techniques. 

Another key point is that Spanish speakers account for more than half of the U.S. Hispanic population. If you want to target this group specifically, make sure all your Hispanic digital marketing materials are available in English and Spanish.

What specific ways can you reach the Hispanic market through digital marketing?

One great way is to create Spanish-language social media pages and target them to U.S. Hispanics. You can also use location-based targeting to serve relevant ads to people in specific Hispanic neighborhoods. Additionally, make sure your website is accessible in Spanish, and consider translating your entire site if necessary. And finally, be sure to use culturally relevant images and messaging in your marketing materials.

Hispanic consumers represent a huge market opportunity for small businesses to expand their customer base. Using the proper Hispanic digital marketing techniques can connect with this growing population and increase engagement with your brand.

What social media do Latinos use the most?

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, Facebook is the most popular social media platform among Latinos. 73% of Latino internet users are on Facebook, and Instagram follows closely behind with 35%, while Twitter and LinkedIn trail far back with 16% and 11%, respectively.

Smartphones, Computers & Broadband


Hispanics online as opposed to mobile:

Google search results: Click Here


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What social media platform do Hispanics use the most?

Facebook unsurprisingly claims the top spot as the most popular social media among Hispanics of the preferred social networking sites. Recent data shows that 75 percent of Hispanic internet users accessed the social networking site. Apr 29, 2021

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Nielsen Review:

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Sixty-two percent of U.S. Hispanics agree that they think of their mobile phone as a source of entertainment.


Pew Research:

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Jul 20, 2016 — Overall, 80% of Latino adults say they access the Internet via a mobile device such as a cellphone or tablet, at least occasionally.


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Sep 3, 2019 — We forecast that 81.8% of U.S. Hispanics will be internet users in 2019, ... in general to be smartphone-only internet users, at 25% vs. 17%.

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Insight #1: U.S. Hispanic consumers are online and on mobile ... Hispanics use online sources at a higher rate than the general online population (54% vs.

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Jul 22, 2016 — 80 percent of Latinos surveyed say they access the Internet through a mobile device, compared to 76 percent of whites and 77 percent of blacks.

How many Hispanic people use the Internet?

The proportion of Hispanic Americans using the Internet has risen from 61 percent in 2013 and 66 percent in 2015 to 72 percent in 2017, NTIA data show. Although this is still less than 80 percent of non-Hispanic Whites online in 2017, the gap has narrowed. Oct 28, 2019

Digital Divide is Shrinking for America's Hispanic Population ...


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