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Since its inception, the internet has been a hub for numerous lucrative and enticing online jobs. Thus, people who are always looking to establish and improve their web presence will always have questions on how to go about it. Luckily, We at Walibu have compiled a list of the top frequently asked questions that should help you have a better understanding of how to do just that. The team at Walibu wish to answer your questions regarding SEO, digital marketing, Social media marketing, and PPC advertising. These questions should help assist you and your business in building a strong online presence.

If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We will help improve your business’s web presence the best way we can. It should also help us expand and improve the list of our frequently asked questions.

Search Engine Marketing is the overall procedure of marketing your website on search engines. It involves submission, paid inclusion programs, optimization, and more.

By this, it is evident that it is not just a matter of submitting right, getting a good rank for specific keywords, or optimizing your work in a good way. Search Engine Marketing involves the complete job of improving precisely how your site interacts with the search engines. SEM works to help the audiences you seek to be able to find you in the search engines easily.

Search Engine Optimization, also SEO, is the process that an online content creator must engage in to get their web pages to rank high in the search engine’s search engine results pages. The ultimate goal of managing SEO is to try and increase organic (unpaid) traffic to your page.

SEO refers to writing, designing, and coding of your website to increase the chances of your web pages ranking well with the search engine inquiries. Crawler-based search engines are especially vital to boost your overall online influence.

By web presence, we mean the complete digital footprint of your business that is on the internet. The written, video, and graphics contents of a website are what form the cornerstone of your company’s web presence. There are, however, other fewer digital locations that your business can have more influence as well. The most common ones include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Local business pages like Google+ Local
  • Mentions of a website or business in social media - links, tweets, posts, likes, +1s, etc.
  • Email communications with prospects and customers
  • Content your business has created and shared through other websites
  • Links to content and pages on the company’s website
  • Social media properties like a Facebook Page, LinkedIn account (business and personal), Twitter account, company logo, Google +1 account
  • Video content created and posted by the business on video sharing websites like YouTube
  • Listings in business directories like Yahoo, Bing,, Merchant Circle, Yelp, CitySearch, White pages, and others

The best way to help your business reach more new potential customers and prospects and enhance contact with existing customers. All the reason to build your growing web presence. It is also crucial to note that your competitors will be working on growing their web presence. If, therefore, you aren’t growing yours, then you’re falling behind.

Customers always search the web for businesses, products, and services in different ways. Others use familiar search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Others opt to utilize social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to expand their search. Another portion of customers may opt for business directory services like CitySearch, Yelp, or FourSquare. The internet is splattered with numerous additions always for users to find businesses. These methods keep evolving as technology evolves. The more places that your business has a presence, the more likely it is that your clients will find your business.

A solid web presence will also help towards developing stronger trust and authority with your customers and other prospects. If your customers and prospects can see your business in more web places, they become more familiar with it in their minds, and that’s how trust builds. A stronger web presence can also help to enhance your business’s search engine rankings as well.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical component of all online business marketing and sales strategies. Plus, the rise and rate with which the internet is growing and the demise of most traditional channels has significantly contributed to the need to use SEO for webpages. Take the many offline channels like the Yellow Pages, for example. These offline channels are slowly fading away, thanks to SEO.

Here are some of the top reasons why you need to develop and implement a strong SEO and web presence strategy.

  • To grow your business
  • To rank higher in search engines
  • To add to the number of new and repeat customers
  • To identify the most effective keywords for a business
  • To optimize your web visibility and presence
  • To increase online trust and credibility for your business
  • To build better positioning and branding for your business and services
  • To increase traffic from potential clients

The budget, goals, and project needed for Search Engine Optimization can vary significantly depending on your business. However, the need and importance to have an optimized web presence should grow over time. But none of this matter if your customers cannot find you on the internet. If not, then they will surely find your competitors and do business with them.

Keywords are another central element of ensuring a strong SEO. The most basic definition of a keyword is the phrase that a web user types in the search box when looking for relevant information. It is what forms the base of what your clients use to find your webpage. Phrased another way, they are the descriptions and bits of vital pieces of information that people search for. They can help to significantly bring targeted traffic to your business if you use them appropriately.

According to Walibu, choosing the perfect keyword phrase for your webpage and SEO optimization is critical towards getting the targeted traffic you want. Keywords can also help you and your business to convert a significant number of new customers and visitors to repeat customers. Thus, the need to ensure the effective use of keywords and keyword phrases for your business to rank well and easily be found on the internet. What keyword phrases do is to focus on locating your optimal keyword phrases to draw targeted traffic to your website easily.

To ensure you have the right keywords, you may need to use special software tools plus experience to go with it. Our team at Walibu has compiled this session to provide our clients with the research and relevant information to use as the cornerstone of a successful SEO effort. Most experts also consider the use of relevant keywords vital towards creating and maintaining a successful business website. The right keywords appear on your website’s page content, in the page titles and descriptions, and the off-page metadata.

A local search, also Local SEO, is the process used to determine the customer’s geographic tag. It could be your state, city, or even your zip code. It is mainly used as part of the search phrase while performing a search. It is an efficient method used by the search engines to help deliver only relevant content and search results for businesses and other products within a limited geographical area. If, for example, you enter ‘Italian restaurants Chicago.’ This is an excellent way of narrowing your search to a limited area. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo work flawlessly with these searches.

Customers who are looking for businesses with physical locations like restaurants, dentists, contractors, and plumbers can easily find them in the areas they specify using the local searches. These searches can, therefore, derive numerous significant benefits. It’s just a matter of optimizing your web presence your local search opportunities. The number of online directories and locations is continually growing. And this has helped many businesses to develop their online presence in the areas that they wish to influence.

Search engine results pages tend to change so frequently, which can be quite frustrating for website owners. Today, you may rank number 1 for how you set up and place your keyword phrase and rank number 5 two days later. You never know what will happen. The internet is a dynamic place. Numerous factors can affect how your website ranks in the search engines and the keyword on any given day. They can include:

  • New sites, content, and web pages that the search engines discover that may jump ahead of your existing pages in rankings
  • Older webpages are enhanced or upgraded to provide more attractive content to their audiences and the search engines
  • Older sites and content may also be taken offline or decrease in relevancy when their content isn’t changed for a long period or if visitors rarely visit them
  • Search engines can also change the processes that they use to evaluate websites, content, links, and web pages, which can result in the change of given ranks for given keywords.

However, as much as these changes may be disconcerting to businesses if taken into context, you realize that they are necessary. It affirms the need to diversify the evaluation process time and again to ensure the continuous submission of only quality content.

Copywriting means writing words in your own promotional pieces and other relevant communications. These can include brochures, websites, print ads, letters, articles, scripts, Google AdWords, etc.
Before you chase for a good search engine ranking, it is vital that you, first, decide which words you intend to rank well for. The keywords you intend to use and that your clients can use to find your business. This is what we call performing a keyword analysis. It involves using some research and knowledge and benefits that you offer to your customers.

The fast-growing number of websites today has made it very difficult to get top SEO rankings using a single keyword. Your content will be much better off if you use targeted keyword phrases. These usually comprise of two or three phrases that your target market will likely use to search for and find your website. Thus, a keyword like ‘Business’ wouldn’t perform nearly as good as ‘Home Business.’ ‘Home Business Software’ is even better off than any of the other two. Single keywords return the least targeted leads compared to keyword phrases.

Plus, you also find that some keywords and keyword phrases tend to be much more competitive than others. Thus, it can take some time before they get in the top ranking.

The best answer to this is “it depends.” The costs of most services usually depend on the needs that the writer has. Different businesses have different needs, requirements, and desires. All which vary in costs and other expenses. The budget to be put into the project also varies in this case. A few of the parameters that influence the overall costs to be included in an online business engagement may include:

  • The commitment level of your business
  • The existing web page presence
  • How large the website is at the moment and intends to be
  • The number of keywords you intend to target
  • Your current rank and where you intend to rank
  • How active your business has been on social media

Ranking timings are highly variable and entirely depend upon your marketing strategies. It also depends upon other factors such as the type of your business, advertising campaign goals, target audience, promotion budget, demographics and much more. Usually, rankings take up to 3 months to mirror significant changes.

It is essential to note that search engine marketing isn’t a one-time project. It is an ongoing strategic business process that you must continually keep updated if you wish to stay ahead of your competitors. As such, you should assess your strengths, activities, and weaknesses and those of your competitors. This will help you have superior visibility over other websites.

If your business banks on online marketing, then it is important to have all this information. SEO can be a serious asset. Make your audience rely on you to always deliver them relevant, high-quality content at all times. The above questions are just a sample of the questions most people have with regards to SEO, however if you have any more questions and seek deeper clarification on some facts, you can get in touch with us through our contact forms and phone numbers.

There are a plethora of options when it comes to web design. A web design company understands your business and custom-designs a website from scratch that matches flawlessly with your business keeping in mind the primary purpose - converting website visitors into customers.

It is imperative that you have a mobile-friendly website. 60% of world internet traffic is generated through mobile devices. Not having a mobile-friendly website means turning away 60% of potential customers across the globe.

We, here, are masters of our work. Along with other exciting services, we can quickly evaluate your website too. We examine your web statics such as page speed, security, mobile friendliness, search engine visibility, broken links and much more with granular precision to offer you an error-free assessment of your website.

Web Designing is a convoluted process and the time it takes can alter from project to project. There is no fixed duration as such, but most times, web designing takes about 1-2 months.

Social media is a whole different world. We work with almost all of the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Instagram. We also keep an eye on new and promising social media platforms that pledge potential benefits for your business.

There is no business in this world which cannot be uplifted by the help of social media. Such is the power of social media. It gifts you an ability to spread the word about your business and connect with probable customers like no other advertising mediums.

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