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Splash Walibu

Want to take your agency to the next level, or consolidate your services, subscriptions and providers, streamlining your process, deliverables and time to live?

Build Stunning Websites using our “Splash Software” - Walibu Multi-Functional Website builder, where you can create numbers of Custom Responsive Websites under your brand name.

Our software platform gives you the freedom to create, design, develop, optimize, and maintain your client's web presence exactly the way they want in minutes. It is a very simple to use, flexible yet powerful website builder with advanced capabilities to customize the look and feel of your website and make it match your brand.

Walibu – Splash Software allows you to integrate the following features.

Fully White Label Soultion

Once you subscribe to our website builder software, you will have full freedom to brand it under your agency name. You can further use it to create and sell as many digital marvels as you want.

Responsive Websites

Our Web builder Software will allow you to create customized website appearances and layouts for any screen size. It will provide an optimal experience for a wide range of devices — mobiles, tablets and computers.

Search Engine Optimization

It's crucial for your clients to have their website ranks highly for the keywords the prospects are searching for. Our Website Builder Software comes with a fully integrated Search Engine Optimization functionality, which can enhance the visibility of your digital offerings.


Whether it’s for your agency or your clients, a good blog can help position a brand as an industry leader and establish stronger ties with customers. Walibu Website Builder will allow you to create stunning blog for each of your projects to help your clients grow a community around their business. Our blogging section is fully integrated with the search engine optimization features that will help your clients optimize each blog separately.


Is “Slpash” a website building software or an online store builder? Experience the power of two in one. Our Software allows you to set up your digital storefront any way you want — add beautiful product collections, product galleries, quick add-to-cart, shopping carts, add client login feature, payment gateways, and more. You can create a fully customize Ecommerce website for your client to meet thieir business needs.

Franchsie Websites

Our software builder will also allow you to impress your clients with franhsie business. You will be able to create multiple franchise sites under the same client's brand name and manage them seperately from the same dashboard. 

One-Click Web Forms

The Web Forms feature of our website builder lets you create dynamic forms on your website. You can create as many custom forms as you want and can have them added to any part of your websites. It will help your clients generate leads by collecting information. And all the information will be automatically store to the backend that can be further used to retarget and nurture the leads.


Walibu Website Builder allows you to send bulk custom emails to your existing or potential clients. Your clients can use the database that is autogenerated from newsletter signups and/or forms else can also upload email list externally.  Our platform also allow clients to schedule year round newsletters to optimize thier operations.

Website Live Chat

Our live chat feature allows your clients to capture the attention of prospects as they browse the website. Client will get notifications and will be able directly chat with prospects, else there is also an option to setup Q&A bots or dynamic forms.

Below are few other website tools that come with the Agency Software Builder.

Website Analytics - Dashboard

Gives you stats of Page visits, Customer Acquisitions, Top landing pages, Total number of new/returning visitors along with their location & device used to view the website.  

Custom Email IDs

You can set-up as many custom domain email accounts as your client requires from our software.


Easy to add - image sliders to webpages with desired Call to actions.


Walibu Website builder also give you an option to add custom teasers to any pages of the website for blog, testimonials, and more.


You can create multiple image rotators or gallery pages to help you clients showcase their brand online. 

Newsletter lists

Clients can create different lists of customers/leads and use them to send customized messages.


Clients can optimize their operations by pre-scheduling blogs and newsletters beforehand.

Exclusive Agency Tools


You can set up online billing through our software, here your clients will be notified about their billing automatically via the system and if enrolled, the fees will be deducted automatically from their desired payment option periodically.

Walibu - Project Management Software

The most important part of an agency is coordination and management of the team. Our PMS system allows you to manage all your team and client communication under one roof. It generates action items in form of tickets/tasks/projects/appointments, send notifications and reminders , allows uploading and sharing assets, mark your communication as private or public, add task timelines, and keep all your communication at one place. You can also allocate action items to specific members and add/remove clients and team members on any of them to keep the right people under the right tasks.