Support Tickets Tutorial

Walibu support tickets allow easy submission for your site updates and issues. Your site is built on an ever-evolving platform that strives to automate all aspects of the process as much as possible; part of that automation is customized error reports sent to our team if there is a programmatic issue. Suppose the update is a content modification or addition. In that case, you can submit a support ticket that notifies our team of the update with group communication between our team's actions and your responses until the ticket is resolved.

You can submit a Walibu Support Ticket with 3 simple steps:

1. Login to your admin by visiting http://[]/admin
2. Click on "Support"
3. Enter the support ticket title (ex. "add testimonial") and ticket details (ex. the text of the testimonial). You can also upload files through the support ticket system for images to add or screenshots of changes.

support tickets