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6 Characteristics of Highly Successful Franchise Websites

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Leveraging your franchise business is hard and takes an extensive amount of time, but Walibu’s franchise web design experts made it easier by creating customer-focused, and SEO-targeted websites for franchise businesses.

As franchises are nationally known for their brands, marketing has become more difficult for franchise owners as competing franchises and large or small businesses are popping up all over the web.

Fortunately, it gets better and easier with Walibu's websites that effectively generate leads or sales 24/7.

We know how important a franchise website is to the success of your franchise business. That's why we'll get right down to brass tacks.

A franchise website should be a lot like a franchisee: independent, confident, and established.

Setting up an independent site that speaks with authority will help franchisees establish their brands as industry experts while differentiating them from the competition.

A franchise website with a strong visual identity is also essential to gaining trust and motivating visitors to take action.

Most importantly, your site must be optimized for conversions—building an effective site that entices people to purchase services and/or apply for franchise opportunities requires professional franchise web design.

Branded franchise web design is more than just looking great. It's also about driving results through effective franchise web design strategies, including SEO and pay-per-click campaigns, to generate qualified leads and support your franchise growth.

Your franchise needs a strong online presence to compete in the digital age and we at Walibu, are here to take action!

Franchise websites are different from company, business, or product websites in that they typically focus on providing information to franchisees and prospective franchisees.

Franchise websites provide details such as the franchising opportunity's benefits and requirements, potential success stories of existing franchise owners, and statistics about the industry itself.

A professional franchise web design company can help provide a look and feel that is consistent with the brand, as well as one that is familiar to franchises. This helps franchise businesses bring their visions to life!

Discover the 6 characteristics of highly successful franchise websites.

Structured Correctly

Franchise websites should focus on relevant information that can be reused and structured in a way that is easy to navigate.

A well-structured website will enable franchisees and prospective franchisees to easily find the information they need to feel confident about their investment.

The table of contents, drop-down menus, and search function all play a critical role in this regard.

Easy to Navigate

A franchise website should be easy for franchisees prospective franchisees to navigate.

The information provided on the site should be presented in an intuitive manner that enables visitors to easily find what they are looking for.

Franchise websites should provide options at the top of their pages so that franchisees and prospective franchisees can quickly access information, such as:

- About Us

- Franchise Opportunities

- Contact Us

The most important thing to remember about a franchise website is that it should provide relevant information to franchisees and prospective franchisees in an efficient manner.

The design of the site should be consistent with company branding and recognizable to existing franchisees.


People feel more comfortable about making a purchase from a website when they know it is secure.

Franchise websites should use a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which is an industry standard for encrypting information that's transferred over the internet.

SSL is what enables you to see a padlock in your browser address bar and ensures that all traffic between your browser and the website is private.

A franchise website should be able to process transactions with ease, providing a checkout system that works in tandem with order processing capabilities.

The payment security provided by SSL ensures that people don't have to worry about submitting their financial information online when they're in the early stages of investigating franchising opportunities.


Today, the majority of people are browsing websites on mobile devices. If a franchise company's website is not responsive or not optimized for mobile use, it will be difficult to attract visitors, investors, potential franchisees, and customers.


The most important thing to remember about franchise websites is that they should be designed with the end-user in mind.

People tend to trust companies more when they know how their information is being used.

Franchise websites should provide transparent policies on how customer data will be treated and shared, so visitors feel comfortable sharing it.

Providing detailed information, helpful content, and useful links also allows your website visitors to have a user-friendly experience.

Fast & Responsive

No one likes a slow website! We can ask anyone over and over again and their answer may just be the same. Most customers and investors lead busy lives and they definitely hate wasting time especially on a website that loads a few seconds.

Further than that, your site's performance also affects your ranking in local searches on search engines as one of the factors in ranking websites includes speed and responsiveness.

Is It Important for Franchise Websites to be Mobile-Friendly?

Not too long ago, laptops and desktop computers were the only way to access the internet. However, now many people are going online via their mobile phones or tablets instead of a typical workstation.

If your franchise website isn't mobile-friendly, it may be hard for potential customers to find you on their phone--which means you could be losing customers to your competitors.

A franchise website should be mobile-friendly for a number of reasons. The first reason is that half of Google searches now happen on a mobile device.

This means people are using their phones to help them make important decisions--including whether or not they want to visit a franchise's website.

Therefore, if your site isn't mobile-friendly, you could be limiting your customer's choices.

Websites that are not mobile-friendly are also unlikely to rank higher on search engine results.

Why Franchise Owners Love to Work With Us

  • Our team knows how the franchise industry works: We know how hard it is to run a successful franchise, so our team designs your website with an owner's perspective in mind. We pretty much know how franchises operate, so you don't have to worry about your site's full functionalities.
  • We go beyond expectations: Your website is the ultimate extension of your business. We'll take care not only about all aspects of visual design and user experience but also how it comes together on a technical level so you can have a great website without worrying about any complications or limitations that could arise from developing them yourself! We have been successfully working with franchise clients over the past few years and their satisfaction is what inspires us to continue helping franchise businesses achieve their goals. And as per our clients' feedback, our team definitely creates the best franchise websites!
  • Our customer service is top-notch: We know that most people are not tech-savvy and can be intimidated by all the recent changes in a website, which means you need a partner who has your back. That’s why our team of experts provides friendly assistance every step along the way - from planning out designs to installing them on-site so they'll work seamlessly together without any problems! Our team has experience building websites for different industries including franchise businesses and that's why we are able to create websites that are user-friendly and sales-driving. There are tons of marketing companies that provide franchise web design services but with us guiding each project through its entire lifespan (even after launch), there's no better company than ours when it comes time to take your website to the public or make updates based on feedback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An online franchise is a franchise that only exists in the digital world. And yes, you can franchise an online business!

A franchise is a type of business model where you get paid for your franchise to sell or market other products or brands because the central company trusts that you will give them good results and spread brand awareness. There are many franchise opportunities available, both online and offline.

There's a lot of things that make a franchise website great, but one of the most important items is that your locations have individual websites, with a connected system for oversight and management. Far too often, franchises either have a list of their locations or a page within the site for each location. With the value of local becoming so strong in Google, it's imperative that your locations have a separate site, with their own analytics, tracking, content, photos and more. Walibu's Paradise Platform does all of this and more. Our marketing automation takes your online experience to the next level. Contact us for more info or any questions on franchise marketing.

An online franchise is a franchise that exists or operates entirely in the virtual world. Online franchise owners can earn money via microtransactions, advertising revenue, and membership fees. There are many different types of franchises including retail, media, personal services, restaurants, and more.

If you want to own a franchise, the franchise business model is an appealing choice. Franchisees enjoy staying power and support from franchise brands, which gives them access to popular products and services as well as marketing and promotional materials. You can work with established companies without having to invest in extensive research or product development because your brand's reputation helps attract customers. Since the brand is popular, your business has a larger customer base which means that it's easier to generate profits.

There are several franchise opportunities that exist in the market.

While some franchise opportunities work well with certain individuals, not all franchise opportunities will fit your specific needs.

If you would like more information on franchise opportunities, you can search online or consult an expert for franchise advice to determine if franchise ownership is right for you. These resources can help you understand franchise opportunities further, which will help you make a franchise decision that is right for your specific needs.