Your Customers are Crabs

 Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Your Customers are Crabs

Have you ever been walking along the beach and come upon a crab siting on a rock along the breakers? If you start to get close they start to scurry away and hide. Crabs are very skittish and suspicious of their surroundings and others. Humans can be the same way. And rightfully so in the world we live in. Below are a few reasons your customers are fearful of your company and have yet to commit and ways you can ease their worries…

Fear of the unknown

Sometimes it’s just the fear of something new. This is a common fear and should be easily resolved if you approach your customers gently and do not force a hard sale. Do not try to approach your marketing technique like a bull in a china shop.

Fear of being duped

There are so many scams out there so its important to show your customers that you are a legitimate company. Offer testimonials, proof of license and/or credentials. This will erase any fear they may have knowing you are a ‘REAL’ business.

Lack of clarity

If a customer is confused about what you do or how you accomplish the job they will be unlikely to hire you or use your services. Make sure you have an upfront explanation about the job at hand. This will also ensure customer satisfaction which results in repeat customers and referrals.

Not enough content

If you have a very vague website it is very questionable and likely to be passed up. Clientele want to get answers and be able to do research sometimes before ever giving you the opportunity to chat with them. To get them to call or hit that ‘contact us’ button make sure you a good amount of content explaining your company

Overwhelming content

Here is where you have to find a balance. You don’t want too little content but you also don’t want so much that it actually deters people from reading it.

A poor presentation of value

People like to see what their return on investment will be. An example of this is explaining how much they will save by going with your product verse another.

Bad reviews

This is a hard thing to battle as most sites do not let you delete reviews. If this happens the only way to combat it is to get good reviews from happy clients. Ask satisfied customers to write a review as to outweigh the bad. If you have twenty good and one bad it looks better. Just make sure to find out why you got the bad and resolve it if possible.

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