Working from Home - Embracing the Digital Work Environment!

 Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Although this week’s Walibu Wednesday is ultimately about working from home or making the transition to, we would also like to mention that Walibu is doing their part to not only keep our team safe and productive, but also offering “work from home” opportunities to those offset by the recent changes. Walibu is expediting a commissioned reseller software structure that would allow positions from referral levels all the way to full account executive positions. If you, or someone you know are interested, please email us at

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“Work from home" is a popular work arrangement and has been around for a long time. Employees willing to use their skills but unable to show up in an office are leveraging the best out of a digital working environment. As of COVID -19 effect, there has been a significant increase in the work-from-home trend. 

Companies across the world are encouraging remote work to let the system run amidst the Coronavirus concerns. They have asked their employees to operate from home to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus. Some of the major names include Google, Hitachi, Twitter, Chevron, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Spotify, but almost all “non-essential” employers have followed.

Corona or no Corona, working remotely has been beneficial for both employers and team. While working at home, employees feel more comfortable & relaxed, cut commute time, and contribute to their job, uninterrupted. In fact, a report from Global Workplace Analytics confirms that 3.6% of the US’s workforce work from home for at least half of the week to minimize distractions and save time and cost of everyday commuting. 

  • 5 million employee (3.6% of the workforce) currently work-at-home half-time or more 
  • Regular work-at-home has grown 173% since 2005, 11% faster than the rest of the workforce (which grew 15%) and nearly 47x faster than the self-employed population (which grew by 4%)

In this time of crisis, it is important to embrace a remote work environment and stay productive. The principal task here is to use the technology at its best so that you can contribute to your company’s growth even while staying home. Let's see how technology supports remote work, allowing companies to connect with their employees. 

Improve your productivity while staying home and working 

  • Establish seamless communication

Maintaining active communication with your employer is the key to efficient working. Have a few minutes of discussion before you start your work and after you finish it. Video calling via Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack, Zoom, etc. can help you stay in the loop with your team and deliver high-quality outcomes. 

Quick Fact- According to a survey by CoSo Cloud, remote workers and employers used email, instant messaging, and video chat as primary means of communication.

  • Create a virtual office at home

Being at home doesn't actually mean you have to behave alike. You can build up a personal workspace at home, creating boundaries even for your family members. Find your office zone in your living space and let yourself and everyone pretend that you are not home. 

  • Update your status availability

When you are in the office, it is quite natural for your colleagues to know your availability for the meetings. If your desk is empty, it means you are not available. However, during remote working, it is difficult to keep track of your presence. Your employer or other teammates would go on waiting for your reply. 

Automated workflows on apps like Slack can help you set up status updates when you are busy with something else. It will let your team know about your absence of the time being, and when will you show up again. 

  • Use online tools to collaborate, share, and track

Remote working involves sharing resources and collaborating with your team when you participate in a group project. Also, your employer needs to track the progress of the task to ensure that it achieves the set deadline. 

Tools like Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox Business, Microsoft Teams, Trello enable you to work from home seamlessly with your team. You can automate time-consuming tasks and interact without interruptions with your colleagues. 

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