Why is My Site Not Showing Up on Search Engines?

 Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Why is My Site Not Showing Up on Search Engines?

As a business owner, you want your website to rank on Google and bring you more traffic and business. However, in a situation when you search for your primary keywords on the web and your website doesn’t show up, this is no less than a nightmare. 

If you are worried and confused about your invisible digital presence, let us help. Today, we will walk you through the possible reasons that need to be fixed so you can boost your ranking and eventually, revenue and market recognition.

But first, let’s know why search rankings matter so much!

According to Google, more than 75% of users don’t click past the 1st search results page. This means, if your website doesn’t show up on the first search results page of Google, most people won’t be able to see your business online, and you miss out on a lot of qualified leads.

That being said, here are a few reasons that can influence your website’s search engine rankings:

Website Not Indexed

There are many reasons your site isn’t being crawled by Google bots, and if Google can’t find your site, it won’t show up in search results. 

One of the reasons might be a new website, it might take several weeks for Google to welcome a new website in search results. Another reason may be you have not formatted your website correctly and therefore not indexed the website correctly; Google might not be able to track your presence or recognize your targeted keywords. With the assistance of team Walibu, you can set up and index your business website correctly and rest assured you’re not waiting on something that won’t happen.

The Website has a Penalty

Penalties can also block your site from ranking in Google search results. It is very important to meet Google’s quality guidelines; violation of their guidelines can lead to a temporary or permanent restriction of your site to show up in search results. 

There might be several reasons why Google will penalize your website, the best way to stay informed is to check Google Search Console for penalty alerts. In case of a penalty, you would need to make required modifications to your website and submit it back on Google for reconsideration.

Website Not Optimized for Search

Search engines consider a lot of factors when ranking sites. 

Search Engine Optimization helps you ensure your website is in line with the ranking algorithm and helps you rank well on search result pages. You can have the most beautifully designed site, but without SEO, it won’t rank in SERPs. Not to mention, nobody will be able to find and contact your business. SEO spans several strategies designed to boost your rankings and help you earn more conversions (and revenue) online.

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A Website with a Bad User Experience

Bad UX — a signal to Google that your site shouldn’t rank.

User Experience is a very vital factor in helping you rank on search engines. Search engines want to rank valuable content and websites that provide visitors with a great experience. If you have a poorly designed website that is not very user-friendly and is unresponsive, search engines won’t rank it in top search results.

Improving UX on your site can reduce bounce rates, engage visitors, and help them learn more about your business, all while helping you rank higher in search results.

Team Walibu can help you build and maintain a robust digital presence for your business. To get started, send an email at team@walibu.com, and an expert support executive will get in touch with you shortly.

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