Why Digital Marketing is More Important Now Than Ever!

 Tuesday, May 12, 2020

During these stay at home orders we are all spending more time in front of our technology devices, now more than ever. People are conducting meetings, shopping, socializing, working, educating and entertaining, all through digital mediums. This being the case, people are more accustomed and comfortable conducting their lives digitally. This is where the important part comes in, whatever you do, wherever you are, people are going to search for you, if you are not found, you don’t get the business. And not only do you not get the business, your competitors who kept up on their digital marketing do. 

Digital marketing is now a necessity, you must either have the resources internally to build, manage and maintain your digital marketing or hire a credible firm

One of the primary elements of any digital marketing campaigns is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. With the current situation we are all in it may seem like a tough decision to spend more on marketing but we look at this time as an opportunity to gain an edge on your competitors, rather than drop in rank and views.

We often hear “I need this (digital marketing) but am going to wait until the craziness ends”, which our response is, what if it never ends? It will eventually end  and things will normalize but we can’t tank our business in hopes of an unknown, we should always be pushing our marketing and reinventing our products and services if needed to stay on top of our industry.  

COVID-19 and its impact on search

Coronavirus is one of the biggest search topics that Google has ever seen. People sitting at home are embracing loads of information related to the pandemic, be it risks, tips, medication, or anything that can update them of the current situation. 

Searches for hand sanitizers and face masks have flooded the search engines driving traffic to marketplaces and health and wellness websites. 

Perhaps, you're also searching right now for the best SEO company!

It means COVID-19 has spiked the overall search volumes. Don't you think it's the perfect time to double down on your SEO efforts rather than backing off? Indeed, businesses are going through trying times, but who knows what's in the post-coronavirus world for them?

Logically thinking, COVID-19 is the bonus phase of a business when you can make the most out of SEO services, investing your time in establishing relationships for the new normal. 

Search engine bots are active now!

An evergreen SEO process keeps search engine crawlers pleased with a well-optimized content. You keep tweaking your titles, meta descriptions, and website content to stay relevant. These practices reflect your position in the SERPs. 

If in any way, you stop improving your website, you would gradually prevent the search engine bots from visiting it. As a result, when the post-corona situation would give a knock, your website will be less appealing to the search engines. You must approach an SEO company to strategize your SEO efforts. 

The audience awaits the new normal to buy from you

Your audience may be reluctant to purchase today due to social distancing norms. But they keep visiting their favorite brands on social media, search engines, and perhaps the stores to peep into the latest trends. 

What is the new change you're welcoming to keep your business running? Is there something exciting for them to buy after the doors are open for shopping? These questions make them harmonize with your business even if you can't deliver your products today. If you put a halt on SEO, how would you sustain their interest in your company?

 A chance to overcome the scarcity

How far is your business prepared to win over your competitors? It's time to capitalize on scarce items and rank for related topics. If your industry is experiencing a scarcity of goods, brainstorm ideas to offer the best alternatives, and spread awareness about them. 

If you are planning to plan your SEO campaign or give the existing one a strategic push, connect with the SEO experts of Walibu. Our team can optimize your website's performance and improve your online visibility and leads. 

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