Voice search and SEO | How Voice Search Helps with Your Site's Overall SEO

 Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Voice search and SEO

Voice search is being widely adopted by people across all platforms. Over time voice search has emerged as a way to search not only nearby restaurants or cooking recipes but almost anything and everything on the internet. With the growing state of how voice search is adopted by an increasing number of users, its influence on SEO is growing as well. In 2014, 55% of teens and 41% of adults were utilizing voice technology on daily basis.

Because of the ease of operation, the adoption of this technology will keep increasing day by day and there will be more devices getting voice command features in them. It is a prediction that by 2020, more than 50% of any search that is done over the internet will be through voice. Recently Google reported that more than 20% of its mobile queries are already coming through voice searches. It is a good time to step in and start optimizing your business's online presence for voice search.

Below mentioned are the two key ways to optimize site content for voice search

  1. Focus on mobile
    People mostly use voice search when they are on their mobile devices, which says that you need to focus on every aspect of the phone website experience of your business. Things that need to be considered with voice search optimization are page load speed, drop-down navigation menus, and video format to improve the overall mobile user experience. 

  2. Target long-tail keywords
    Voice search keywords would be longer than the mainstream SEO keywords. And the language used would be more conversational language. For example instead of "Mexican cuisine Folsom" people would be searching "Where can I find the best Mexican food in Folsom". Voice search is changing the way businesses used to target keywords.

Optimizing voice search also helps improve the overall SEO of your website. Mobile optimization & page load speed are already ranking factors whereas long-tail keywords comprise half of all searches. Voice search SEO isn't really a separate initiative — it's just an expansion or reprioritization of existing SEO best practices. Nowadays voice search is highly used by people of all age groups at home, in the car as well as in offices.

And with the rise of personal assistant devices, there will be a continuous increase in usage of this technology through the end of the decade. It is a very good time to be early adopters and enter the next world of search optimization before all your competitors do it. Start analyzing the content on your web page and reframe it in a way that provides answers to questions. This will improve the overall ranking of your website as the source of an answer to a voice search query. 

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