Using AdWords Effectively

 Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Using AdWords Effectively

Majority of AdWords users are unaware of its excellent and straightforward features which can create a difference in the reach to the audience. AdWords allows its user to track the reach of the ads, compare the rate of clicks and return on investment (ROI).  Today we are talking about things which can help you make the most out of your AdWords account.

Google AdWords is not only about an account with keywords, budget and campaign setup; you can use many tricks and techniques to make AdWords more advanced than just merely checking the clicks and conversions.

Install Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking will help you to modify the campaign keeping all the stats of the ads and bids. It will not only report pay-per-click but also counts the signup for a newsletter and other similar activities of the audience.

For this, go to the Conversions section from the Tools & Analysis tab and copy the HTML code. Paste that code into the URL of the last webpage of the site.

Assign Conversion Values

You can also modify the Conversion Tracking by giving different conversion values for different conversions as per your business amount. It helps the user to get the insights of all the variables and sections of the website particularly.

Test Multiple Ads

AdWords offers to run multiple ads for the website simultaneous. You can also manage them by comparing the clicks per post, calls to action, headlines, and promotions and determine the inclination of the audience towards the product. You can also customize the ads by highlighting the texts and their appearance on the website. It helps to better understand the interaction and make changes accordingly.

Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion

The selection of keyword is essential in case of Digital Marketing. You can use Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) to automatically use the keyword to trigger the ads and get more views. You can insert the keyword by omitting the text under “{}” and input the keyword.

Separate your Display and Search Campaigns

The Search and Display Networks campaigns can affect the reachability and traffic of the site. It can become troublesome in various ways. So, it is suggested to separate the Display and Search campaigns to follow different keywords structure and advanced language setup.

Add Image Ads to Digital Campaigns

You can make your ads more creative and attractive by adding multiple images. You can create a vision and upload Image Ads in three types - Static visuals, Rich media animations, and Video. AdWords allows you to set up the dimensions and kind of Image Ads using a complete tool with numerous customizable options.

Implement Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions enable the user to deliver more information about the company or product which increases the visibility and deliverability of the ads. There are several types of Ad extensions which include location extensions, call extensions, site link extensions, social extensions, app extensions, and offer extensions.

Use the Search Term Report to add and exclude keywords

You can check the keywords used against the words used for search on the internet. It helps to select the most suitable keyword which can trigger the ads and bring more traffic to the site. You can check the Search Term Report by clicking Keywords> Details> All and then check keywords individually.

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