Top SEO trends in 2018

 Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Top SEO trends in 2018

The growth in digital technologies and shift in user behavior has forced all businesses to adopt new ways of online marketing. And the first step towards success is to be aware of the latest trends. 2018 is a very crucial year for a business to maximize its digital presence in the most effective way possible.

On average Google modifies its search results algorithms 500 to 600 times a year and it’s not easy to be 100% sure you are utilizing the best SEO practices for your business.

"Evolve or decay" — that's what many call the future of SEO.

If you find it hard to keep track of all the latest business trends you must adjust to and evolve with… No worries! Here are the top SEO trends for 2018.

Mobile-first indexing

Google's been working on mobile-first indexing for a long while now, and, finally, a significant change (at least for Google itself) is about to roll out.

In simple words, Google will now index and rank the mobile version of websites. This means it’s a must to have a mobile-friendly website to be visible in today’s digital world.

Voice search

With the addition of devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePod, voice search will only continue to rise in use. You need to be very smart at targeting keywords as voice search is often done in complete sentences and questions, meaning the keywords you’re currently targeting aren’t being used. Be aware of the type of statements people use to search your business and utilize these long tail keywords for enhancing the visibility of your website.

Content marketing

For quite a while SEO was all about quantity and we still have the "quantity" concept in mind. That is the more content you create the better. But keeping the concept of content marketing in line with this theory might mean you're putting your efforts down the drain.

According to the search engine and social media algorithm the best performing content gets pushed higher in SERPs and in news feeds, so the mediocre pieces of content have absolutely no chance to catch up.

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