To Boost or Not to Boost

 Wednesday, March 1, 2017

To Boost or Not to Boost

We’ve talked about social media in the past but I want to dive deeper and focus on just Facebook this week. According to SEC filing, for the first time, Facebook’s US ad revenue will be larger than the biggest traditional media companies trailing only behind google. This is amazing and proves that the return on investment is there. There are 1.86 billion users worldwide, and its growing, a steady 18% more users every year. What this means for your business: the audience is there, you just need to capture it.

The first thing to do is organic posting.

It’s easy and free. Come up with relevant content that will engage your current and prospective clientele. Make sure you are doing this on your business page. This is important as I see some clients posting things on their personal pages. You cannot build your company image if you are not building your company page. Don’t get me wrong, you should definitely share your post on your personal page after posting it to your business page but just don’t skip that step. I recommend 2-4 posts a week depending on your business. You don’t want to post too much or too little so coming up with a strategy is best.

Next, you need to decide if you want to boost your posts. I get asked about this a lot and yes, you need to put together a budget to start boosting your posts if you want to see some traction. Facebook has made it almost impossible to get in front of people without boosting your content. Luckily it does not cost a lot and you can manage to work it into any budget. I suggest picking the content that really engages and attracts clients to want to click to get more information. This will differ with each type of business.

My last suggestion would be to start using hashtags. Used properly you can attract more users who are searching for exactly what you offer. For example; if a hair salon used the hashtag #ombre on one of their client photos and someone searching for a stylist sees that picture it could bring in a client who already knows exactly what they want because they searched the style and found it on your page.