The Only Marketing You Truly Own

 Tuesday, July 19, 2022

It’s time to stake your claim!

There’s a saying in the industry, marketing is like building a house on someone else's land. Basically, if you want to stay on the marketing channels you’ve got to pay to be there. Google ads, as soon as the budget is up the ads come down. The same for Facebook ads or any other channel. The only marketing you truly own is your user database. You can message them as often as you’d like and it doesn’t cost you to continue to do so. However, there are costs involved in deliverability of messages but those are marginal compared to standard online advertising. You’ve probably seen most items you purchase these days have, “visit ‘here’ to register your spatula” or some other mundane object. They want your email and contact info to add to their marketing user database.

What are we getting at with all this talk about having a user database for email marketing? Not only is it the marketing you own, but it’s also highly effective in reaching your audience. Here are some tips to maximize marketing to your user base.

Email Marketing can be a Gold Mine!

According to Statista, an estimated 4.3 billion people will use email. It is half the population of the world! No wonder email newsletters are gaining their place as a high priority for businesses.

A company newsletter is a powerful marketing and communications tool that allows you to strengthen relationships with your team, shareholders, lenders, and customers. Just like the personal newsletter you receive from friends and family, it's a written account of the company's accomplishments, promotions, team members' achievements, upcoming events, and much more. 

In this blog, learn the significance of the email newsletter for your business. 

Here are the Top 5 Must-Know Benefits of Email Newsletter 

Acquire Customers

Newsletters are the best customer acquisition tool around. They give readers something valuable to hold on to. When they read information or a story in your newsletter, they will often keep it for future reference if they like it. The newsletter keeps your name at the top of their mind when they need the product or service related to your company. 

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Create Awareness

A newsletter helps inform customers about your products, services, recent news, and special deals and discounts. It also provides the solution to common issues related to your product or service. Brands also use it to announce changes, such as new staff members or new locations. 

You see, your brand is much more than just a logo and slogan. Use newsletters to highlight what’s going on with your business. Customers don’t have time to explore your website now and then. So an email in their inbox will keep them aware of your business activities. 

Build Authority

By providing newsletters with good content, you can establish yourself as an expert in your industry. The fact that you’re promoting open communication also leads your customers to believe you and makes you a credible brand. It helps with engagement and sales when you release a new product or service. 

Moreover, newsletters are an opportunity to share your expertise, allowing you to be an authoritative figure in the market.

Promote Customer Loyalty

Newsletters let your customers or prospects know how much they mean to the company. As you keep them engaged by providing informative and entertaining content, customers notice you’re offering them free value. It helps your audience see you as a trusted source of information, which translates into increased loyal customers. Additionally, it shows that you care about your customers and want to keep them informed.

Time and Cost-Saving

A company newsletter is also cost and time-saving. In a few clicks, you can send the desired information to all your customers and employees, thanks to marketing and automation tools. It means no need to put your time into sharing information individually. 

Email newsletters are a relatively affordable way to place your product or service in front of your customers and prospects as you like. 

Most people go through their inboxes daily. So email newsletter isn’t the strategy you should keep postponing. 

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