What Two Items are Crucial for your Website

 Tuesday, May 5, 2020

There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel starting to appear, which is great! However, lets not look back on this time and think- “Now that business is back to normal, I should have been enhancing my marketing to capitalize on this business rebound”. Digital marketing should always be a top priority but especially now when more people have become accustomed to online business and digital interactions. Below we outline a few items that are crucial to being prepared for the big rebound!

Reaching out to new prospects and retaining the existing customers seems daunting these days. This makes customer service an integral part of business processes. Consumer calls and queries will pile up in your log even more in the COVID-19 situation as people are receptive to social distancing, and they need an instant response to their concerns.

The opportunities at hand bring in the need for direct communication between businesses and customers to strengthen their relationships in the unusual times. In the current situation, or any situation for that matter, it’s crucial to employ Live Chat and Call Now on your website to address your customer issues and interests on the go, and prove your business is still rocking and rolling in the current time and will continue to perform during and after the social distancing. 

Here are the top 4 benefits of installing live chat systems and click-to-call on your website

Stimulate your communication

People are restless when they fill out an inquiry form or request a call for service. 24 hours of waiting time may put your lead at stake. They would either change their mind or will switch to other websites for better customer experience. 

Live Chat eliminates waiting hours of customers providing immediate assistance to the customer questions when they visit your website. When they find your answers satisfying, you can ask them to "Call Now" to kickstart the sales process. 

Provide support across the globe

If you do have your offices in major countries, people are not coming there to seek your help, at least due to the current situation. Fortunately, providing customer support doesn't mean you have to call them at your place. 

Employing Live Chat on your website answers most of their questions right there on the site before starting a purchase. Moreover, a "click-to-call" allows them to access free customer service for urgent queries or issues. 

Convert more and sell more

Sales and marketing campaigns are no doubt excelling at their front, but your visitors demand special attention. They need assistance in deciding whether your product is worth buying and is exactly what they need.

Live Chat systems monitor visitors' behavior on the website and help them to get the right solution for their problems. When the support agent answers their questions effectively, they are highly likely to make a purchase. Also, real-time conversations through the "Call Now" feature can trigger the sales process by addressing lead calls for product inquiries.

Strengthen your relationships

Savvy customers demand quality over the cost of services. Satisfied customers who feel valued by your business don't bother about how much they are paying. Instead, they focus on how effectively you are serving them. 

Real-time communication increases repurchase, building mutual trust between the two parties. Live Chat systems offer them a robust customer experience when landing on the website and at the check-out time, or deciding to move forward with a business. Closing deals are like a re-invitation to happy customers. You must leverage them at their best. 

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