The Benefits of Instagram Advertising

 Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Social media advertising is a powerful tool to promote your services and distribute your message among your target audience. 

All you need to do is narrow down the right channels and plan your strategies effectively to witness a surge in your leads and conversions. 

This time, Walibu experts are up with a blog series that focuses on the Instagram advertising model and its mammoth potential. Get started and learn how this photo & video sharing platform can support your business in manifesting the best market performance. 

Rise of Instagram

There was a time when social media only meant Facebook and YouTube, but social networking changed with time. The fast-paced growth of Instagram has proven the positive change that has come so far. 

With 1 billion users, the impressive growth rate of this visual-centric platform has stunned the marketers. 78% of the people consider brands on Instagram as popular, and 83% discover new products and services on it. Businesses can’t afford such a large chunk of the audience, and thus Instagram has proven to be a powerful marketing tool to promote businesses. For businesses, Instagram has become a major income source and a big sales channel through Instagram ads

If you are planning to use Instagram ads to reach your target audience, begin with the basics. Let’s help you understand what are Instagram ads and how it can benefit your business. 

What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads are a great way for businesses to show their rotating line of products and services through pictures and visual content on Instagram. You would see a beautiful and impressive blend of color, clear imagery, and subtle language that helps to reach Millenials and get massive engagement per post. Below is the perfect example of a great business ad on Instagram, have a look:

This Instagram ad from Touch of Modern is an ideal example of sharing your product information. The ad uses fresh colors and flashy images to attract viewers, and the message is clear to the audience viewing it. By looking at the GIF, it is clear that the business offers a luxury experience. This ad surely creates that pause moment for the audience who would otherwise scroll past the ad.

Inspired from the above example? Know what you need for an Instagram ad campaign!

If you are planning to launch your own Instagram ad campaign, you are required to have a Facebook advertising account. In case you don’t have a Facebook account, you can open the “Instagram for Business” account. Instagram Ads Manager or Facebook Power Editor manages the Instagram ads.

Three Good Reasons To Use Instagram for Your Business

Instagram gives you all opportunities to promote your business and get massive traffic. Apart from this, there are many other benefits that Instagram has to offer. For that matter, here are 3 good reasons that you should market your business on Instagram, let’s have a look:

Brand Awareness

As Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, you have better opportunities and more space to promote your business before such a large chunk of the audience. Also, an average user spends 50 minutes a day on Instagram, which indicates the attention that a user gives to the medium. So, you have a fair chance to get as many followers as you want and increase your brand awareness.

Better Targeting

Instagram has a good targeting system that considers your target audience’s location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and many more factors. Also, you can target people who have previously used your products or services. This implies that you can put forth your ads before the right people. When your targeted audience gets to see your ads there’s a better chance that they will buy from you.

Visual Appeal

Another great reason to use Instagram ads is its photo-centric approach. Instagram only uses photos and videos, along with a little text, which increases the visual appeal of your brand. Moreover, people remember more by watching images and videos than text alone that makes your audience follow and remember your brand better. It increases their chances to engage with your brand, bringing them closer to making a purchase.

If you include Instagram ads with other marketing efforts, your brand gives one more touchpoint to consumers. It increases their chances of making a purchase. Although building an Instagram page consists of a lot of effort and hard work, the benefits are worth putting in such efforts. 

If you don’t have enough time and are looking for our experts to do all the hard work, contact Walibu today! Our SMM experts can help you explore new possibilities for promoting your brand message and rise effectively in your industry. 

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