Take Action - 19 CTAs for Your Small Businesses!

 Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Prospects and leads can be downright stubborn when it comes to engaging in your brand or marketing. When it comes to email marketing, like a stubborn mule, the majority won’t budge when it comes to your marketing efforts. So how do you maximize your prospects' engagement rates? The answer is, a clear Call to Action with a desired value attached to it. And to make it even more enticing, add a sense of urgency to it. We can talk more about the urgency tips on another topic but we’ll dive into what it takes to make your email marketing efforts more engaging and successful with CTAs.

With the increasing number of channels and options for sharing information and news, email remains a popular way for every small business to communicate with key stakeholders and potential clients. There are numerous ways to use emails to attract and retain customers, ranging from sending special offers or coupons to providing value through educational content and suggestions. 

One of the essential components of an email marketing campaign is the CTA. A call-to-action email button catches a subscriber's attention and prompts them to take action. These simple buttons have the power to transform an email marketing campaign altogether. Let's discover the importance of the top CTAs that encourage purchases and what steps you must take to succeed. 

Why Do You Need a CTA? 

A call to action is a must-have weapon for any email marketer. These simple yet effective buttons distinguish good emails from the great ones; they allow the conversation to continue between a brand and a consumer. 

If a company is sending out a newsletter, remember to thank a user for a purchase or remind consumers about their full cart. Every email should contain at least one CTA to encourage interaction. While these buttons are required, they aren't always easy to incorporate. Marketers must test with CTAs to make a good impression on their audiences at the right time to combat user fatigue. 

List of 19 Calls to Action That Gets Clicked 

  1. Shop now! 
  2. Act now! 
  3. Save today 
  4. Buy now! 
  5. Buy it today 
  6. Yes! I want one 
  7. Order now! 
  8. Repeat your order 
  9. Get your coupon now! 
  10. Reveal my mystery coupon 
  11. Start saving today 
  12. Don't delay. Save now 
  13. See your hand-selected deals 
  14. Get 50% off now 
  15. Shop for the clothes you want 
  16. Get the style you want 
  17. Get your winter wardrobe 
  18. Get free shipping 
  19. Shop now. Get 50% off. 

Using this extensive list of call-to-actions, you can create emails that encourage your subscribers to act quickly. 

What to Keep in Mind While Writing a CTA?

When creating a compelling CTA, keep the following suggestions in mind: 

By keeping these factors in mind, you can ensure that your CTA has the desired effect on your target audience. Every CTA you use will vary depending on your industry, but these options can provide your marketing team with the insights they need to create a CTA button that drives results.

Let us help you write effective CTAs!

Writing effective CTAs for every email campaign requires time and effort. Let our marketing team at Walibu help you create the most effective CTA strategy for your brand. Schedule a call with us to know how we can help you.