Stop Selling to Clients!

 Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Stop Selling to Clients! 

Yes, you heard correct, stop selling to them. 

Your clients should be hiring you, you shouldn’t be selling to them. In fact, this statement separates the most successful organizations from the rest. How does this happen? The easy answer; correctly done, effective marketing of your products and services.

Big or small business, you can still take this same approach.

That is the way effective marketing works. It pulls in prospects and customers, who are looking for your services. When they approach you for your expertise and abilities, something significant happens.

When a prospect approaches you, already having in their mind that you are a professional with expertise (message delivered via marketing), you don’t have to sale them or throw pitches, rather educate and confirm the facts you presented. They leave happy knowing you’re the zero pressure professional and not a pushy sales person.

The prospective customers who approach have already positioned you in their mind as a professional with expertise they require. Now they don’t consider you to be a salesman. They don’t consider you as a needy service provider pitching them. They already have a feeling themselves as sold and now they are just having a conversation about their service requirements. It’s superb. It’s zero pressure.

If you are looking to expand your marketing efforts or challenges, or just enhance what you have already, just let us know!