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 Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Digital marketing has turned into the ultimate strategy for anyone looking to leverage their business reach and get in touch with the right audience. This is the key reason why we have seen a rise in the popularity of digital marketing services in recent times.Today, we are going to talk about a powerful marketing combination that will help skyrocket your sales.

It is often a misconception that Search Engine Optimization and Social Media are separate tools with separate objectives. Well, in today’s Digital Business World, almost every tool/technique used is focused on a single objective – “Maximizing Business Reach”. In the case of SEO, organic searches are in focus, in a reactive state to user’s keyword searches. Whereas, in the case of Social Media, the socially active target audience is in focus in a pro-active targeting of characteristics and demographics. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, SEO and Social Media Marketing work together to create unmatched value and provide true relevance for your audience.

Any good digital marketing strategy should do its best to have both SEO and Social Media working together, in tandem. Here are a few benefits of using Social Media with SEO.

Content Promotion

You might have a great business website with tons of quality & keyword-optimized content but not many eyes and ears consuming it, this is because your content never reached your target audience. Social Media enables you to showcase and promote your content to your target audience. If your content is worthy and people stick around to read it, those engagement metrics communicate value to search engines, you can have more people consuming your content as well as sharing your content online, resulting into a better search engine rank. This can drive traffic and bring more people to your website enhancing your chances of making a sale.


Search engines consider Engagement as one of their ranking factors and if someone finds your content interesting and like/comment/share it on social media, it will act as a ranking signal for Google or Bing. Engagement helps to not only improve your online reputation but also to make connections, nurture them and generate leads for your business. Content that gets most engagement on social platforms will always rank on search engines for the keyword they cover.

Link Building

Industry leaders use social platforms as much as anyone else. They often look for good quality content and share it with their huge audience base. With your content out there on the same channels, they’re on, there’s a fair chance they’ll see it and link to it from their own websites or blogs. These high-value backlinks can’t be achieved without exploring the social space. More external sites link to your content leads to more authority in Google’s eyes. The key is to keep posting good quality content regularly on the social platforms and keep your business active digitally.

A Social Media Business Page helps you dominate the first search results page on search engines in a more natural manner. Posts, links, and content that you share on your Business Page enhance your SEO ranking if indexed by search engines.

Social Media is a big thing! And it’s growing every day with new people joining & exploring this digital trend of communication. It’s booming like never before and by looking at the SEO benefits it offers, we at Walibu encourage every business to utilize social media channels for expanding their reach.


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