SEO and Content Marketing Insights

 Tuesday, June 19, 2018

SEO and Content Marketing Insights

In today’s mobile friendly world, when you need or want to learn about a product and/or service you pick up your phone – turn to Google – enter a search query by text or voice – click on one of the links from the first page of your search results and you become a potential customer to that company.

Being a business, staying known of such digital journeys can help you identify elements that should be a part of your business’s digital marketing strategy.

You must have wondered at some point in time, why are some websites ranked better, when there are so many others that also offer the same products and/or services. That is because of a powerful digital marketing technique called “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO).

Simple Way to explain Search Engine Optimization

It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” or “natural” search results on search engines.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and so is the SEO process. Here is the change in SEO tactic over past several years that can help you understand this evolution process.

  • 2001 - A bunch of pages targeting closely related terms and you get your desired ranking
  • 2008 – With keywords, they have to optimize locations, backlinks, domains, and sub-domains to get ranked.
  • 2018 – It’s no more just a text matching game, now we need to match the WHOLE WEBSITE THEME with the search query to get ranked for it. That includes all the technical aspects to name a few, header, title, URL, meta description, image alt attributes, long tail voice optimized keywords, etc

The most important part of this process is “The Content”.  Search engines are moving towards identifying the pages that match the “SEARCH INTENT” and for that, your content should be correctly molded into a solution-oriented resource.

 Here are few factors to be considered for creating Content that works!

  • Learn about the Search intent of queries
  • Control how your content is reflected in SERPs
  • Strategically place page titles in header tags
  • Structure your page content with optimized tagging process
  • Use schema markups
  • Add easy sharing options
  • Strategic Visual placements
  • Use of Long tail voice optimized keywords
  • Optimize page load speed
  • Link the most appropriate outbound pages
  • Check mobile compatibility

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