Revamping Your Site to Drive More Traffic

 Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Revamp Your Website to Drive More Traffic in the Post-Coronavirus World

COVID-19 has created a frightful situation for the world's economy. 27% of the businesses are showing concerns for a significant impact on their revenue. No one knows what the post-coronavirus world will bring to them. 

But you can prepare for the new beginning. While everyone is working remotely and setting up new marketing goals, you can also invest this time in devising a long-term strategy for your website. Equip your business with a refined website that is ready to drive more traffic and revenue in the post-coronavirus market.  

Here are six ways you can redesign your website to stay ahead in the future. 

  • Make Your Website Relevant to Current Trends

Reconsider your website design to match forthcoming trends. Provide your audience with a sense of modernity through your website. An outdated website quickly loses the trust of your people. Ensure that you employ the latest styles and techniques on your site. Look for designs and templates that are going to rule over the web shortly. 

  • Focus on Visuals - Be Particular and Direct

People are more responsive to visuals like images, videos, infographics, and illustrations, instead of plain text. Try to be more specific with your elements. The visitors must be able to capture your principal intent behind the website. Representing your business environment, product illustrations, and workflows create a more significant impact than stock photography. 

  • Update Your Blog with Fresh Content

Experimenting with the new content and updating your blog is an effective technique to drive traffic amidst the lockdown. People sitting at their homes are looking for the latest updates every day. You can make them stay connected with you, creating blog posts relevant to the present plot. Adopt a problem-solving approach while creating your content. 

  • Add Converting Landing Pages for Every Service

If you are planning to start a new service or expanding your business, give a kick start right away. 

Create specific landing pages for each new section you add to your site. Don't be lazy; show your best possible creative side to the audience. If not new, you can categorize offers into subsections and design highly converting landing pages for each. 

  • Make Voice Search Optimization Your Priority

Voice search would be the next big thing in the market. It provides the audience with a natural environment to interact. People are more comfortable in speaking out their concerns instead of typing lengthy queries. Optimize your website to rank for long-tail keywords that make the base of voice searches. The curiosity of people will keep evolving. They will find new ways to experiment with voice searches. Prepare your website for the upcoming competition. 

  • Switch to Mobile-First Approach 

Upgrading your website for mobile searches is a prominent step in redesigning your website. More than half of your audience may be using mobile phones in the upcoming years just to get a solution to their problems. Make sure your site keeps your reputation in front of mobile users!

Working on stabilizing your revenue while improving your online presence can be intimidating. At Walibu, we understand your concerns and provide made-to-measure website redesigning services

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