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 Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Retargeting Ad Tools | Retargeting Made Easy with These Top Ad Tools!

How often do you visit a website or ecommerce space, and buy the products or the services on the first visit? 

Almost never, right? 

You might get distracted at the moment, or feel the need to research more, or want to compare the available products with other options. To sum everything up, you are just not in the position to make a purchase at that moment, given any influential factor. 

Well, that’s not just you. 98% of the people show similar consumer behavior. It’s probably happening with your target audience as well.

Statistics quote only 2% of the people to be indulging in the purchasing process in their first visit to the platform. It doesn’t necessarily reflect that you are unable to make a killer first impression. You may be doing every marketing technique correctly and drawing out a high visitor rate; but that’s just half the battle because ultimately, you need your website’s conversion rate to be high. 

This is where retargeting ads proves itself crucial to bring the customer back to you. We’ve already been through the major types of retargeting ads. Now, let’s skim through the best platforms to run retargeting ads - 


A retargeting platform is merrier when it helps you to sync all your marketing efforts and provide a structured and measured marketing plan. AdRoll is an industry leader in automation and personalization and completely dedicated to growing the revenue of businesses with its E-commerce growth platform. Its central focus is to align the social, display, and email advertising of the brand. By controlling the entire journey of a customer, AdRoll specializes in presenting the right messages at the right time to your customers. 

Facebook Custom Audiences

It goes without saying that Facebook is acing the advertising possibilities with Facebook Ads. Now it has taken a step forward with Facebook Custom Audiences. It’s a flexible and convenient platform that helps you get better conversions. Once you set it up and build your custom audiences, you’ll be able to create even more filtered audience groups. 


If you are in search of a platform that offers a data-driven, highly-targeted solution, and programmatic approach, ReTargeter could be the platform you’re looking for. It provides an innovative space to retarget both new and old shoppers. If you’re a website associated with ReTargeter, you’ll gain a custom experience that goes beyond general campaign launching. 

Walibu Retargeting

When you are preparing yourself to retarget a specific set of audience, you need to pick up on those that are most likely to get converted into present or future leads. One way to know so is by studying your audience and identifying their purchasing patterns. Walibu's user-friendly platform puts 100% focus on the audience. Along with retargeting and remarketing campaigns, it'll also provide you the support for marketing emails, automated messages, landing pages, and analytics.

Walibu is adept at providing the most-suitable retargeting ads assistance to both small and large-size businesses. They have developed a unique and comprehensive remarketing system backed up by artificial intelligence to help you run sales campaigns and promotions, reminding bounced visitors about your market presence. With their personalized approach and vast domain expertise, you can expect a dramatic boost in your website traffic and conversion rates. 

The retargeting tactics can be tricky since a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration. A retargeting ad platform will help you sail smoothly in the course of your journey of converting a customer. 

Walibu is a marketing platform and provides an end-to-end system of service and support. Turn the direction of your business’ online presence and experience our services today.

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