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 Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Despite recent news, it’s not likely Facebook will be slowing down anytime soon. There are more than 1.86 billion monthly active users on Facebook, which includes a 17% spike in two years. For your business, this channel is unavoidable if you’re truly trying to create a worthwhile play in social media marketing.

There’s an ocean of potential customers you can reach on Facebook., if you believe that likes and comments are all you need to conduct a successful advertising campaign, you’re in for a surprise. Here are few key elements you need to be aware of ensuring a meaningful social engagement.

Below are Three Key elements for developing a real connection on Facebook:

Long-term commitment

Many advertisers consider social media as a way to approach fans to make a purchase as quickly as possible. But most of the time it leads to short-sighted tactics and doesn’t really do the right job of educating readers or developing a relationship with them.

Most of the audiences aren’t in a “purchase now” state of mind, and pushing against their will for an e-commerce experience has a high opportunity cost. Yes, there is a probability of people making a purchase, but the rest will remember that your brand is mostly concerned about itself and not the needs of its followers. Instead, thinking in terms of a larger customer journey where each interaction adds to the probability of a chance to build relationships with followers and remind them that your brand exists because of them, will surely leverage your long-term business success.  

Short and Sweet

Looking through a social media news-feed can be like driving down the freeway at 200 miles per hour when brands attempt to pack as many impressions as possible into a post of content. And the more brands that are shouting their presence into the internet, the less audience will listen. So, instead of bombarding fans, try using each post as a teaser, encouraging individuals to visit your website for more information. It will keep things short-simple and easy to absorb in less time.


“Personalized approach” is one of the latest buzzwords in digital marketing. It’s also a push companies are making towards creating a better connection with their target audience. Personalizing, in this context, means that companies create specific content based on factors such as who their audience is, where they live, how they consume content when they consume content and on what devices they consume content.

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