Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

 Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Facebook is the King of all Social Media platforms, both in terms of recognition and number of users. With more than 2 billion active profiles, Facebook proves itself to be the most incredible resource for businesses. Your potential buyers are already active on Facebook, you just need to use Facebook ads if you want them to discover your business.

More than 2/3rd of the US population is active on Facebook and it is a big enough reason to get your brand a Facebook Business Page. Social Media is full of opportunities that can strengthen your online presence and helps you connect with hyper-targeted audiences.

Facebook is all about making real connections with your audience, a perfect digital platform to give a voice to your brand, promote your products and/or services and test creative promotions. And the first step towards exploring this digital space is optimizing your Facebook Business Page.

Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of a Facebook Business Page:

Up-to-Date Business Information

The most basic and important thing that you should confirm time-to-time on your Facebook Business Page is your personal/business information. Ensuring your name, location/address, and phone number is accurate on your Facebook business page not only makes it easier for users to find you, but it also makes it easier for search engines to find you. Having accurate information can increase the trust and interest of users who come across your profile on Facebook.

Active Content

Facebook is the perfect digital space to show off the personality of your business. Try to stay active and post industry-related content regularly, have a cover photo and profile photo that reflects your brand correctly. Let every visitor know that your business page is very active and is very much approachable if they are interested. 

Paid Ads

There are a number of cost-effective social media channels for advertising but none of them provide the powerful audience segmentation approach besides Facebook. If done right and used strategically, Facebook Ads are much more about investments than expenses. Facebook helps you target your promotions to specific groups of users based on location, interests, demographics, and more.

Facebook Messenger

The perks of Facebook Messenger continue to grow as more and more users prefer to connect online rather than call into a phone tree. Facebook Messenger offers users a quick way to communicate in real-time about anything. You also have an option to show your page visitors how responsive you are towards messages and if you respond in a timely manner, you’re delighting your customers with your availability and willingness to respond to their concerns.

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