Land More Fish! (or Clients)

 Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Although clients and fish are different animals, the way we land them isn’t too far off. We need something they like and we need to put it in front of them. Sometimes, actually more than not, we need to do it over and over before they’ll act. The best way to make them act fast is to ensure the bait is what they like. In fishing, it could be a lure or bait and in digital marketing, it’s a landing page. However, just like a lure or bait, it needs to be presented correctly to make sure they bite! Below we cover how to create landing pages where your prospects will take the bait.

We’re sure you’re familiar with landing pages but, however the number of landing pages you’ve clicked through and left out, can you remember one example which has caught your eye? Probably not that many. So, how do you write landing page copy that’s captivating enough to take action? Do you know the best web copywriting tips and hacks to create action-inspiring content? If you are unsure, let’s share with you the most common parameters you need to keep in mind.

Tips for Landing Page Content Creation


Ensure your landing page should be all about your audience. Of course, it's your company or product but understand users' likes, expectations, and needs. It is all about what the user can gain or benefit from your product or the company. 

Identify the right audience to view your page. Cater your information to what the user wants to see and perceive. With good research and understanding, observe the pain area of the consumer and position your product/service as a solution for their problem. 

Now, what do you want from the user? Check your blog, invite to sign up for a free trial, watch a video, etc. Give your user an eye-catching CTA(Call To Action) button creating an easy route to the next step. Use compelling CTA words or phrases like: Get more tips, Join us, Try for free, etc. 


The landing page should have a clear, informative, and attention-grabbing header describing what your product is all about. Give all the vital information about your company or product on the landing page. Keep it short and powerful. You need your users to notice your content and take action (doing not just reading).

The content of your page, aesthetics, and user experience are imperative to influence the user. Highlight the best features and fascinating facts of the product you intend to promote. Also, try to limit the availability of the offer; create the urgency to click. It will persuade the customer to complete the conversion.

CTAs are motivating and entice your customers to take action. Align them throughout the webpage. Once you have engaged the customer with all the information, guide them to a CTA which can call for conversion. 


The aesthetics of your web page is of paramount importance. Format your text for an easy read. Visuals, calls-to-action (CTAs), layouts, offers, buttons are some essential factors. 

A good web page has headings and subheadings, bulleted lists, colors, simple and clear phrasing. They need to follow the same brand voice, tone, and idea to make sure they are cohesive. Give them the easiest way to fulfill the action. 

Final Push

Plan your page to start and end efficiently. Have a CTA nudging the user to click. The final act of the user is most important for conversion. So ending the page with a push is of prime importance.

Producing a good web page is a job well done but not sufficient. Ensure you test your page for text optimization and search engines. Stay tuned to Walibu's updates on copywriting. Also, feel free to schedule a call with our web and marketing gurus to strategize your digital presence needs!