Knowing Your Customers | Build Stronger Relationship With Your Customers!

 Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Knowing Your Customers | Build Stronger Relationship With Your Customers!

Knowing your customers

The average customer is very smart and getting smarter. 73% of customers research products online before buying. This means they have done their homework and have an idea of what they want and how they want it. So it’s your job to appeal to your clients and make sure they are getting the expectation. You cannot fool your clients into a product anymore because of the endless research offered online these days.

And even if you could, you will not keep them and get the return to keep your business thriving. The best tool is to be competitive and very informative about your products. The more information a client can find the better. You should even offer comparative info with your product and other companies’ products if possible.

Sending the right message

You need to send the right message to your customer. Having something that is too busy will distract you and sometimes cost you a customer. They want clear facts, not a huge piece of confusing art. If they can’t easily access the information they need they move on to someone who can give them that.

Don’t try to be so flashy that it takes away from your product. Bullet points are always a good idea. It offers exactly what they need without having to read through a bunch of fluff. A good balance is key when sending a message to your customers, whether it’s through email, mail, or on your website and social.