Improving Facebook Post Engagements

 Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Improving Facebook Post Engagements

In today’s Digital World, every business owner knows the importance of Social Media Marketing. When it comes to user engagements and enhancing brand image, nothing is superior to social media platforms. Facebook holds the largest audience of amongst all social media platforms.

Many businesses now have adopted Facebook in their regular business activities. But a majority of business pages struggle to engage people with their posts. It is very important to engage your audience with something unique to grab user attention.

Here are few tricks to get started

Start a Contest

Contests are a great way to enhance engagement. Offering a valuable giveaway can encourage a lot of users to join the contest. The best thing about it is, it ignites engagements from you’re followers as well as people who are not following your page. Mostly a contest on Facebook comprises of steps like – “like the post, share the post, comment on the post, tag someone etc”. For the most part, participants will return to visit your page/website on a regular basis to check for contest winner announcements as well as other contests that they can join.

Say YES to Facebook Ads

Facebook offers a powerful audience segmentation approach to advertising. Facebook Ads are much more about investments than expenses. According to the Facebook Algorithm “the more you engage with a page, the more you will see posts from that page in your news feeds”. You can also utilize Page Post Engagement Adverts and reach out to a new audiences’ every time you advertise on Facebook.

Clear Calls to Action

I am sure every page on Facebook tries to post good content. But you are not making the most out of your high-quality content if you fail to include a clear call to action in the post. Be very clear about your objectives and ask your followers to share the post, comment, tag people, or click on the link etc. That way chances are more that if a person likes your post he or she will take your desired action.

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