How’s Video Marketing Surging Up? - SEO in 2021 Pt 7!

 Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The consumption of online video is increasing. Online video marketing was a winning trend in 2020 and it continues to be so in 2021 as well. 

According to statistics, 60% of businesses are using video marketing. What’s even more interesting is 94% of marketers are satisfied with the results and plan to continue using video. The number of digital watchers is expected to rise to 3.1 billion by 2023.

The figures reflect the importance of video marketing for a business. Let’s learn how to make full use of videos in your marketing strategies - 

Make Google Your Friend with Video Featured Snippets 

We’ve talked about featured snippets in one of the SEO trends series. Google shows up video featured snippets with search queries that start with ‘how to’. It has made it specifically clear in its ‘Reintroduction to Featured Snippets’ report. A step-by-step detailed instructional video is more helpful than text or image. 

If your video is shown in featured snippets, you’re the no.1 result on the SERPs. Be prepared to get more traffic to your video and ultimately, your business.

You can optimize your video for featured snippets in the following ways - 

Divide Your Video Content Into Sections

Make it easy for Google to understand your content. Create an organized video that can be divided into sections. 

When a user asks a query related to a part of the video, Google can use a clip from your video to answer the question. 

Make Video SEO-Rich

To make the video discoverable by Google and users, add SEO elements like -

  1. Add keyword in the video title.

  2. Include meta description and meta tags.

  3. Optimize the thumbnail text and image.

Provide Subtitles

While automatic transcription is useful, it’s often not accurate. Provide transcription to enable Google and users to understand every word of the video. It increases the usability of your video.

The Role of YouTube

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world after Google. Viewers are watching one billion hours of YouTube every day. Posting videos here can uplift your marketing strategy. 

To grow your YouTube channel, follow these tips -

Stick to your niche and create a brand for your channel. Carry your website’s brand and showcase it in your video.

Create a particular thumbnail and use it in every video. Create a recognizing value.

Always give a call to action. Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Maintain consistency. It takes time to gather views. Until you see growth, be regular at posting videos be it once a week or twice a month.

Promote your videos on other social media platforms. 

Transform Your Content

Today, the audience prefers video content more than text content. If that’s the case, why not focus your content strategy on video marketing?

However, blogs have their own audience. You can’t eliminate text content from your strategy as it comes with its own set of benefits.

The idea here is to mix your text and video content strategy. Embed YouTube videos in your blog posts. A complimentary video in a blog will attract both types of audiences. It can make the information-gaining experience more engaging. 

You can recycle your old blog posts in the same format and increase their viewership. 


Video marketing is one step forward in the content marketing industry. It has gained a lot of traction as a trend. The numbers make it clear that it’s here to make its own industry.

Take help from a digital marketing specialist like the Walibu marketing team and kick-start video marketing for your business - we’re here to help!