How Your Computer is Becoming More Human with Natural Language Processing or NLP

 Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Search Engines like Google are consistently working to ensure the searches appear more natural. One of the latest investments has been in machine learning technologies, and through it, they have developed Natural Language Processing (NLP) – A game changer in the SEO world.  

Google currently has two NLP frameworks, BERT and SMITH. In this blog, you will learn about NLPs. Further, we will discuss how NLP algorithms impact search results. Let's get started!

Quick Glimpse On Natural Language Processing

How can Google interpret what you type and give you accurate results when looking for answers from search engines? Well, it's simple! Natural Language Processing helps with this!

NLP is an advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which essentially helps the computer understand its language input. It makes it possible for Google to easily comprehend the words and sentences to generate the precise information you need.  

Natural language processing bridges the gap between human language and computer understanding. Technically, it breaks down the language input in the search engine into small elements, analyzes them, and draws out their meaning.

How Do NLP Algorithms Impact Search Results?

The Google NLP algorithms have been around for over 50 years and have seen incredible changes. Nowadays, the search engine can efficiently process the questions asked.

Now, such an update disrupts the SEO standards and Google's Algorithms. So, when Google rolls out NPL, you must understand what it presents and the changes it will bring.

The NLP algorithm differs from what we've seen in the past when a new update is introduced. It intends to help your content make it to the top of SERPs. Here are several impacts of NLP on search results.

Better Quality Results

Through NLP, the people searching on Google get better results. Of course, as people type on the search bar, what they want is not so clear. Some will want details on something with less information available, so the machine might not understand the query.

However, NLP can break down the question depending on the context. It considers every word and the whole phrase's meaning to give you the most accurate data to answer your question.

Categories Different Pieces of Content Together

Another significant impact of the NLP algorithms is their ability to combine different content pieces. Google uses NLP to understand the website assets; once it does, it can group similar information. Based on the algorithm understanding, the content will rank differently.

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Highly Ranks Websites with Specific Answers

Google's algorithms value content. When someone searches on Google, all they want is the specific answer to that particular question.

Through NLP, Google can find the best and most appropriate response to the search. Ideally, they will have it among the first pages, and this is where the user will look.

So, NLP essentially helps look through all possible answers, and in the end, Google selects only the relevant ones. Sites with more specific solutions will, of course, appear on top of the SERPs.

Your focus, therefore, as a website owner is to provide more precise and user-specific information. Also, optimize your content smartly through different SEO strategies. Otherwise, you will be sidelined as the search engine constantly intends to provide the best query responses.

Keep up with every change Google makes – NLP being one of them. To ensure your site ranks higher and the site visits increase, continuously optimize it. Also, keep your website's content up to date and provide the audience with the needed search results.

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