How to Get Found by Search Engines!

 Tuesday, November 29, 2022

How to boost your site’s crawlability and indexability 

If you’re a small business owner, you know how challenging it is to gain a position at the top of Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP) while competing with big-budget firms. But sometimes, it’s not the ad spend that makes a difference to your business rankings. Instead, it’s the basics, like Indexability SEO and Crawlability SEO. Google has indexed roughly 50 billion web pages on 1.93 billion websites. So, how does Google discover so many web pages when there are too many for anyone to explore them all? 

Enter Google search bots, also known as spiders or web crawlers. These bots navigate through web pages and understand them by crawling and indexing. They compile the data into a vast database, or index, of URLs and then put it through the search engine’s algorithm for ranking. Check out our SEO Buzzwords for Beginners' blog if you’re wondering what indexability is and what crawlability means. Google doesn’t disclose its exact search algorithm criteria. But if you have a business website, you can optimize specific areas for better website crawlability and indexability. Let’s explore more on this subject -  

Guide to a More Indexable and Crawlable Website 

Strong Internal Link Structure 

Two essential elements of a successful SEO strategy are a clear site structure and internal linking. They need to be strong if you want your site to look good, function well, and attract customers. Moreover, a disorganized website is hard to crawl for bots. With poor internal linking, you create orphaned pages that can only be found via URL. 

To eliminate these issues, create a logical internal structure for your site. A full-service marketing agency like Walibu can help you fix issues like broken links, URL typos, and 404 errors on your site. 

Submit Sitemap to Google 

If you have updated or added new content to your website, you want it to be indexed as soon as possible. But Google may take some time to crawl your site.  

If you want Google to know about the changes immediately, submitting a sitemap to Google Search Console is a good idea. A sitemap is a roadmap for search engines with direct links to every page on your site.  

Eliminate Duplicate Content 

Plagiarism is a sin in the content arena. Why? Because it won’t deliver value to the readers. And Google can decide not to index your content. The same applies when your content is poorly written or has bad grammar and spelling mistakes. 

Producing high-quality, original content is a must for your website to succeed. 

Perform a Site Audit 

Conduct a site audit, as it does the job of an indexability checker. Some issues need fixing if your website’s indexability rate is below 90%.  

You can also run a Google crawlability test to find the score. 

A Walibu Paradise Platform Automation Nugget You Didn’t Know! 

All pages or blogs, created or updated on the Walibu Paradise Platform, utilize technology. This technology instantly notifies search engines of the additions or changes. It all happens on the backend, no programming or other work needed. 

Indexability and crawlability are vital factors to make your website rank high and get more visitors and leads. While you can take some measures to improve these factors, you might only be able to address some of them. Getting professional assistance for more technical fixes will ensure it’s done correctly. 

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