How to Create your Business iIdentity

 Friday, March 1, 2013

How to Create Your Business Identity

It is crucial to create your business personality or brand from the very beginning. When you describe your business to friends or future clients how do you describe it? Is it fun and outgoing or classy and reserved? Whatever it may be, it needs to show that throughout all of the branding and marketing. The biggest mistake a company can make is not keeping it consistent throughout all networks such as web, print and social. A style that can be recognized with a glance. We can all get a flash of the logo below an know exactly who it is. This should be your goal.

<pepsi logo>

This personality should target your key consumers. Don't make the mistake of choosing something that might be really fun for you but does not hit your target consumer. If you are selling electric wheelchairs you probably don't want small fonts or bright colors. Do your research, know your clients and give them what they want.

You wont regret it. I promise!

Bright colors are fun! They are happy and stimulating. Color is huge when designing your branding. You need to decide if you want cooler colors that are calming, inviting and relaxed or maybe contrasting colors which are bold, energetic and intense. You could go with no color and have that simple and clean feel. Whatever you decide will need to show your business personality. Here are few examples below.

<bright business card>

<classic business card>

<fun business card>