How to Create a Foolproof Instagram Business Marketing Strategy

 Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Instagram is one of the most popular social media marketing platforms today. 

This multifaceted visual content channel has gained a notable boost in the number of its users. Consequently, it has become a powerhouse for building and promoting businesses and their brands.

Instagram has a lot to offer for every scale of business. From posts, reels, and stories to direct messages, paid ads, and sponsored content, it has various features to market your business. The platform can gather your business a huge number of followers over a period of time.

So, if you are keen to leverage this powerful social platform, here are some notable tips to help you get started. 

Tips to Create an Effective Instagram Marketing Strategy

Don’t Start Without a Marketing Plan

It’s easy to create an account and start posting on Instagram. But it won’t result in high Instagram engagements. The key to a successful marketing strategy is to make a plan. It starts with knowing your brand inside and out. 

  • Instagram can help you with varied functions. Therefore, first, define your purpose behind starting a professional Instagram account. Do you want to sell products or promote them? Or do you want to improve your brand reputation? A wholesome marketing strategy can help you achieve different purposes. However, take baby steps and start with one goal at a time. 

  • Have a clear idea of your target audience. Research well about their social, demographics, personal interests, and lifestyle patterns. These factors will help you create content that your ideal audience would like to consume.

  • Think about what actions you want to perform on your Instagram account in advance. Showcase that you want your followers to see about your brand. Create a social media post plan. Include different kinds of content ideas in it. 

  • Once the content is created and posted, you need to promote it for the audience to engage with it. Decide your promotional strategy in advance.

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Create an Optic Value of Your Brand

Instagram is a visual platform - its primary content forms are images and videos. Text is a supportive (or complimentary) content type. 

To promote your products or services on Instagram, the #1 rule is to maintain a visually-pleasing feed. 

Visit any brand’s Instagram page. The first subconscious ruling out factor is the appearance of their feed. Good quality images and videos are necessary. 

Move one step further and visit a popular brand’s page. You’d find a consistent visual feel on their feed. No post feels out of place, and everything binds together, forming a visual art. 

Use an Instagram feed planner to have a consistent feed. You can plan the visual narrative of your feed before actually posting it. There are various other tools to improve the impact of your Instagram strategy

Be Consistent and Engage with Your Audience

Staying consistent with your posts and other activities on Instagram is crucial. 

Don’t show up every two weeks, post an image or video, and go back to your cocoon. Instagram is an engaging platform. Post regularly and be as active as you can. Also, make sure to engage with your audience and build a sense of community.

Instagram has features like reels and live video sessions. Arrange it for an interactive Q&A episode with your audience or post a well-edited reel to keep your audience interested in your brand. 

Instagram offers unlimited scope for growing your brand. Follow the right marketing strategy and use the platform to your advantage. 

Social marketing experts at Walibu can help you create a sound and effective Instagram marketing strategy. We intend to create a meaningful impact in our client’s businesses with a result-oriented approach. Contact us today to have a chat about growing your brand.