How to appeal to your clients curiosity

 Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Make your marketing attract more sales by giving your future clients the information they want but not so much as to not leaving them wanting to know more. The key is having ‘just enough’ content to get their attention. Curiosity is what drives people. We want to know and do not like being left with questions unanswered. This is what you want to gear your marketing around.

For example, answer questions but make it brief, hint at future talking points and don’t give it all away up front. Tell people what you do and the results you get but don’t go into detail. Your most powerful tool in client and business development is curiosity. This desire to know more will make them call, email or connect with you to get the answers they want. This will be the best leads you will get, the clients that already have an interest and want to know more about your company and product.