Giving Thanks for the Digital Marketing Feast!

 Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we couldn’t be more thankful for Marketing, Technology & Design!

There’s plenty to be thankful for this year and hopefully you’re able to spend timewith those close to you. However, before you enjoy the Thanksgiving feast with family and friends let’s talk aboutdigital marketing and all of the thankful things it does for our business. You cannot imagine a Thanksgiving celebration without a Turkey, the same is truewith today’s business world; you can’t be on top without marketing and even more specific digital marketing! Thankfully, never before has marketing been this easy to reach this many people.

Everyone and everything is going digital! If you don’t cater to this tech-savvy audience, you lose a lot of business. Technology is evolving at a very fast pace and being a business owner you need to ensure you are compatible with the latest way of communication.

Digital technologies have dramatically changed the way of doing business. Businesses today are utilizing this digital universe to create brand awareness and drive sales. As a matter of fact, the Internet isn’t going anywhere and people do tend to research online about products and services before they visit a physical store. This means if you want to stay in business - you cannot afford to ignore going digital!

Here are a few interesting stats about the influence of Digital Marketing.

  • With more and more people adopting the digital way of communication, as of 2018, nearly 3.1 billion people (almost half of the world population) are using some type of social platform.

  • More than 90% of website traffic is driven by Search Engines.

  • More than 80% of people do an online search before making a purchase or visitinga store to make a decision (and even at the store they are on their digital mobile devices!).

Bottom line – Impact of digital marketing is ever increasing and is no more an option but a MUST for every business in today’s digital business world.

Here are three reasons why you need Digital Marketing

Shopper’s Behaviors

Almost every shopper researches about you online before they plan to visit your store. They use search engines, social media, other review sites etc. to ensure you are worth buying from. Having a search engine optimized and a responsively designed business website can divert this steady flow of online searches to your digital doors or physical stores.

Your Competitors

The business world is becoming more and more compatible with time. If you don’t have strong digital presence chances are your competitors will get all your digital leads. People will go for brands that pop up in their searches, you might be providing better quality products and/or services but here the key drivers are “Customer buying behaviors” and “Your brand awareness”.  Staying invisible online is not an option anymore.

Reputation Management

Like it or not but your digital presence is your first impression. People read and talk about you and your products/services online. You should not miss out to be a part of this online conversation. Not only do shoppers trust online reviews but their purchase decisions highly rely on it. Don’t miss out on this amazing sales opportunity and open the digital doors for your business. 

Wishing you and yours a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!

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