Give and Get! Community Involvement & How to Use it to Boost Your Business

 Tuesday, March 15, 2022

It's not just about how you run your business, but also the tone of voice that comes out. To better reach new customers and retain the current while expanding into a different market segment; it pays off BIG TIME with Community Involvement!

A company's community involvement can effectively make its brand reach out and interact with people. It helps them grow, retain customers they have already gained business from, and expand into new markets or demographics that might not otherwise know about the product/service offered by your business! Community involvement is an effective way to make your brand reach out to the audience.

Employees are happier and more involved, businesses improve their reputations and productivity, and communities benefit from businesses’ social services. You can influence the community and enhance corporate morale by providing opportunities for your employees to give back to the community at work.

Supporting causes and becoming involved is unquestionably vital, but where do you begin? Any company will develop creative and successful methods to give back to their community, but here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Volunteer as a team

Whether it's helping on an outdoor cleanup project, serving at a local food pantry, or organizing a team for a fundraising event, volunteering as a group is an excellent way to support your local community while fostering the development of your workforce. Devoting time to a company-wide volunteer initiative will strengthen coworker connections by creating shared experiences, as well as showing skills you didn't realize people have.

Organizing regular volunteer opportunities may also help your organization attract new talent. Younger people are looking for job opportunities where they will have a chance to make a difference and work for companies that are devoted to social responsibility. This is a great way to give back to society and give a boost to your reputation management efforts.

Find out what employees are concerned about

 Some of your employees may already be volunteering. This is a great opportunity to engage your employees and learn more about them.  If an employee has had a positive experience with a certain organization or cause, they'll most likely want to join up again when given another opportunity!  

Moreover, if workers believe they are supporting a cause on behalf of a coworker, they will feel even more compelled to join. You can identify desires and opportunities among your employees by asking them what issues they care about and how it affects them.

Organize a contest or a giveaway

Sponsoring a contest or giveaway will help you create brand awareness in your community while helping your consumers and future clients. Consider tying the competition to a specific cause.

For example, you can host an essay or poster contest for kids to raise awareness about a problem like texting and driving or the environment, with awards for the best entries in various age groups.

Otherwise, as part of a support agreement, you might give away branded freebies on occasion.

For example, A charity golf tournament would benefit by distributing water bottles to participants. You can leverage social media marketing here to attain maximum engagement from your target audience.


A firm is reliant on many stakeholders. It's critical to think about your company's responsibilities in the community. It serves the community's interest once you donate with time or finances. In return, it will help your firm.

Consider this: what impact would your company's failure to repay to the community have on the community? Your top talent may eventually leave to pursue a better lifestyle, even if they enjoy their current position.

When you’re done with the community service, it’s time to promote it. Be it a fundraiser, social service event, or donation, Walibu ensures your social service is recognized by the social media folks and builds your brand reputation. Reach out to us today to know how we can help you.