Learn How to Generate More Franchise Leads

 Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Franchise Marketing - Learn How You Can Generate More Leads for Your Franchise

Starting and managing a franchise business is no picnic.

We understand that managing the restrictions & control of a big brand like filing FDDs, registering & filing for other states, drafting handbooks, audits, preparing for discovery, and more keeps you on toes. On top of that, you also juggle with the unpredictability and complexity of a local business. 

To make the job easier for you, Walibu franchise marketing can be of help. Our team of experts aid franchisors advertise their business and maximize its reach in the local market and beyond. Today, we’ll discuss how you can leverage the power of digital marketing to grow your business. 

Digital Marketing for Franchise Success

When you start any business, your survival depends on your potential to generate leads. Even if you purchase a very strong franchise brand, in the end, it’s you who need to build your franchise store and market it right to drive more business. 

To attract, nurture, and convert franchise leads, you’ll need a comprehensive and multi-channel franchise marketing strategy. Well-planned and strategically executed online marketing campaigns can help your business achieve stellar results and generate local leads. Here are the notable perks of opting for franchise marketing - 

  • You get access to the widest possible pool of franchise leads, across the widest possible geographic area.
  • Dynamic, precise, and retargeted digital ads provide a very effective way to attract your most qualified potential customers.
  • Digital analytics offer methods for tracking, measuring, and fine-tuning online campaigns.
  • A multi-channel digital marketing strategy will anticipate concerns, and needs, creating a near-frictionless sales funnel.

Walibu - Digital Growth Partner for New or Existing Franchisees

As said, starting and managing a franchise isn’t an easy feat. However, with experts by your side, you can expect to grow by leaps and bounds!

Walibu, being a leading franchise marketing company, can help you rule the online realm and build an empire by leveraging a well-positioned brand name. We’ll address your business goals, target market, demographics, local competition, and other factors to devise a well-rounded marketing plan. Here are the key areas where we can lend you our expertise -

Website Design

A business website is your first interaction with your audience and is your first impression. Considering this, your website could be one of the most powerful lead-generating elements of your deck. A well-designed, responsive business website will act as an attractive, intuitive, and effective resource at every stage of franchise business operation.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps you generate organic leads and build brand awareness. It’s a particularly cost-effective strategy for franchise lead generation. 

Search volumes for industry-specific franchise keywords are relatively low, so there’s less competition for such keywords. However, at the same time, your competitors that are using the same keywords and probably have a digital marketing plan already in place, which will make it difficult for you to thrive. To compete with them, it’s wise to get started with an SEO campaign for your franchise.

Social Media Marketing

In the world of franchising, social media platforms are the most powerful tools available. 

Take the time to polish your personal & corporate profiles and target high-quality prospects with ads. Social Media advertising can help you target leads with extraordinary precision. Facebook & Instagram enables you to target users based on their behavior, location, age, gender, and other factors. This way, you can micro-target your highest-quality prospects.

Walibu can help you design, develop and maintain a strong digital presence for your franchise business. To get started, email us at team@walibu.com and we will get back to you right away!

Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in improving the online presence and dominance of your business. Our passionate team will be happy to help you expand and grow. 

We look forward to being a part of your marketing, technology, and design team!


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